Wednesday, May 19, 2004

first post!

hello reader,
this is my first post. i am a student, aged 17, pen-name "Hel Fire", and as a hobby im gonna blog a bit (seeing as its the latest web craze and all that) and im also gonna use it to publish a few "blogstories" or "blognovels". im working on 2 at the moment: one is about a jaded music journalist and the cynical magazine he works for, and the other is sort of a bit of a social satire about a teenage goth. ill also be posting links and jokes and random stuff too.
meanwhile, id like to blatantly publicise my webistes, (online since i was 15, bits of it aint been updated or changed in ages...) and (newer). these sites are mostly rock music fan sites - 7800df1 is more about bon jovi and 7800df2 is more about the darkness and HIM (also known as H.I.M. and His Infernal Majesty ). and my brother has an aerosmith fansite ( but he aint done anything on it for ages.
also recommend,,,, and
ill update this as soon as im on holiday and have time. please post any comments on this site!
til next time.
Helen Fire.


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