Saturday, May 22, 2004

Mullet Religion !

Im not religious or mulletted but ive decided to start a mullet religion. Mullet as in haircut not fish. this seems random (but hey arent blogs meant to be full of random stuff?) but i think it could catch on - theres many mullets in the world. Gucci even tried to make them fashionable in 1999 (they did a modern version of it) - look here!
This idea was inspired by the "rent-a-slave" at our school (a high school with sixth-form, and im in the lower sixth) - to raise money for the leavers ball we're letting people pay money to rent upper-sixths as slaves for one school day, and to publicise it we were allowed to put posters around the school. The guys who made the posters put cult TV stars like jeremy beadle, william shatner and pat sharp on the posters, commanding kids to do their bit for the ball and buy a slave. One of the many pat sharp posters said "Mullet is Religion" - if youve never watched "Fun House" you've missed out on the sight of Pat's long blonde mullet (and a bloody good kids' game show too). Pat sharp has a cult following in our sixth form and we actually miss "fun house", the tv show of our childhoods. (we are truly children of the 90s).
as soon as i got home i decided to search good old Google for a "mullet religion" and although i found lots of search results, i didnt seem to have found a religion that worships mullets. I found this strange and searched for a "pat sharp religion" and again found many results (including the amusing "sharp religion" zen site) but still no cult for the cool australian dude.
So I've decided to start my own. Who wants to join me in the search for eternal mulletude?


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