Tuesday, May 25, 2004


i'm stressed, and if i start tearing my hair out i'll look exactly like the Scream! Had 2 german exams today - the first was listening and that was ok, the second was reading and it was 2 hours and i did it all in about 1h30, including checking/redoing questions etc, and i was sitting there bored (and hungry) for half an hour. what a waste of time! (and life!) They should let yu leave an exam when you want to, so u can use that time to revise for your other exams! otherwise its a total waste of time, sitting there doing nothing. That half hour won't be coming back you know! In the end the teachers got fed up with the sight of me doing nothing except looking bored and at one point drawing the scream with captions (like "ach nein, es gibt die prufungen!", meaning "oh no, it's the exams!") on my exam paper cos i was so bored and had so much time. I hope i get a really good grade to show them that i actually did do some work in that exam, cos they seemed to think i did nothing. no exams tomorrow, but psychology on thursday - 2 exams! i am confident about one of them but not the other, cos i couldnt fit the lessons in my timetable cos of clashes and stuff, so i have to teach myself psychology, and i didnt have the time to learn the second exam. I got an A in the january exam and i hope i get an A or B this time round to prove that i really can do it (especially want to prove myself to the german teacher that i can do both psychology and german cos shes not too pleased that i once nearly dropped german in favour of psychology...)
Parents r v. stressy tonight too. mum got pissed off cos we were checking the email and she wanted to send some emails and we (me and my brother) had forgotten so we logged off, and she was all annoyed and so we apologised and said "hey we can log back on and send them now", but she still got pissed off at us and stomped off (had one of her minor tantrums that she has every day).
Can't decide what subjects to do next year - i'm thinking of taking biology, chemistry, psychology and german, then dropping german after a while (i said i'd at least try to do it next year), and dropping psychology lessons (cos the teacher is apparantly crap) but still doing psychology (i.e. teaching myself and doing the exams, just not doing the lessons) - the only problem with this plan is that it's got one module of coursework next year. oh dear. :-(


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