Wednesday, June 16, 2004

blog tuesday 15th june - exams, school, ash, the killers, and stuff.

Tuesday 15th June 2004:

Finished exams last week :-) for once I think i may have actually passed a couple of maths exams for the first time in ages. (Fingers crossed for an overall pass - i reckon i failed M1 but passed P1 and S1. My overall grade is made from all 3, so hopefully my success at S1 and P1 will outweigh how bad i was at M1...)
Back to school to start work at the A2 syllabuses (syllabi?) - it's a little difficult to fit everything in as German and Psychology are on at the same time, so I've had to alternate between the two. I hope the teachers don't get pissed off by this (so far they aren't) - Depressing Dave in my german class was well pissed off that i had to leave the lesson to go to psychology, he thought i was bunking off or something, plus he was pissed off to be left alone - Evil Ollie wasn't there either, cos he was retaking his maths GCSE.
It is unbelievable how stupid Ollie is - not only is he the only person in my year group retaking GCSEs, he forgot to turn up to the mocks AND the real exams, had to reminded by the teachers, and ended up arriving late for the exams. And his parents are the richest in the school so they could probably afford to get him private tuition, all the revision guides he'd ever need, that sorta thing... so the only reason he could fail anything is just plain natural stupidity. He's not even bright enough to realise that he needs to revise for exams - i swear he's the only person i know who I've NEVER seen revising for exams (or doing any other work outside of lessons). I once asked him why he never works, and said that everyone else (including me) works, and he said "that's cos you're all stupid and I don't need to work cos i'm clever enough already." I couldn't get over how arrogant he is, and how far his tiny head is up his stinkin arse. People like that shouldnt exist, they should have died out by now - this guy has less intelligence than cavepeople. I could go on for ages about how stupid this geezer is, so i'd better stop now, otherwise I'll get huge electricity bills from having the computer on for so long... (Thankfully, he's rumoured to be leaving at the end of this year!)

On a brighter note, the yeargroup photos have arrived (it was at least 2 weeks since i sent the cheque for it, and I was beginning to think they'd forgotten, or nicked the cheque, or something...)
There's also the interviews for new heads of school tomorrow (I'm up for Head Girl). I hope it goes well - I couldn't think of much stuff to write for my CV for it, so i hope i do much better in the interview. I'm also curious to find out how i did in the voting for it (Evil Ollie only got 1 vote, and that was from Big Sam, who said he voted for him just cos he felt sorry for him cos no-one was voting for him.)
Also played Frisbee on the grass outside today, which was fun :-D and also went to the beach yesterday.
Got a craving for Ash records today, probably cos lately i've been watching the video for "Shining light" on TV a lot, hearing good reviews of their new album, and listening to similar bands like The Killers a lot too. Listening to "burn baby burn" right now.


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