Wednesday, June 23, 2004

blog: tuesday 22nd june

tuesday 22nd june:

went to see royal shakespeare company play of "a midsummer's night dream" (or is it "a midsummber night's dream"??) last weekend - twas excellent :-)
cousin luigi is here, learning english - hes doing well but is shy to speak in english as he doesnt think hes doing that great.
going to germany in a couple of weeks, but i cant wait to drop german! i am SOOOOOOO BORED during the lessons! and ollie is a right perv, he keeps trying to touch me (this week he swapped places with dave (without asking dave!) so he cld be next to me, and then he intrudes into my space - his hands and elbows and books spill over onto my desk, and sometimes he puts his feet under my desk too. i end up losing about 50% of my desk space :-( he doesnt seem to realise how rude it is. im dying to kick in his bollocks in revenge...). dave is ok sometimes but hes really depressing and cynical about everything (especially me) - he thinks hes so smart (i dont think hes any cleverer than average) and he treats me like im blonde or something. i hope i get a good enough grade in psychology so i can do it next year and drop german. if it wasnt for the trip, and the fact my mum wouldnt let me drop anything, id have dropped german yonks ago. id have dropped maths too, it was only mum's ban on me dropping subjects, and the fact i had extra tuition, that i carried on with it. i hope i pass it otherwise ive just wasted a whole fucking year of my life! wont find out until august...
got community action day soon (bah humbug! i did voluntary work for a few months, they should let me off community action day cos of that!) - basically means we have to spend a day supposedly helping ppl outside the school. it usually involves children and/or old people. in year 8 (my 1st community day) i signed up to do gardening with some friends and we thought wed all get to go together on the same project, but they split us up and put us all on different projects in totally different places so we didnt see each other all day, and i was in a group of strangers (they were nice to me, but i wanted to be with ppl i knew cos i was new there). we had to work in a garden at a school id never been to before, i think it was a "special" school, and i was really scared cos there was a guy there who kept on trying to chat me up. the next year i signed up to do something completely different but they still managed to give me the same placement again (its a total lottery) so i bunked off and stayed at home all day (i was bored but at least i felt safe!). in year 10 it was our last before the GCSEs so we were given our first choices - i chose to do cooking for old ppl from a home who were gonna come to the school for a visit and show. after cooking, i met the kids who had been looking after/socialising with the old ppl for their placement. there was one old man who kept repeating himself and talking on and on and on: he kept on saying "i used to take boys from private schools to india", just slightly rephrased each time ("i took private school boys to india", "i once took boys to india, they were from private schools", etc.) for about 15 minutes so the boys who were supposed to be talking with him just left him. there was also an old guy who tried to flirt with the girls.
u dont have to do community action day in year 11 so my brother's safe this year (hes always been lucky for this thing, he always seems to get stuff like sponsored walks with his friends) and i dont think u have to do it in Y13 either. but im in year12 so im stuffed. i just hope i get something nice this year since its my last community day ever.
weve got sports day on thursday and year 12 have to help (tho we dont take part) - doing stuff like measuring times and distances - but loads of us are thinking of not turning up to it. theres no point in me turning up to school anyway on that day, cos its just periods 1 and 2 as normal, then periods 3-5 getting ready for the sports day (i.e. doing bugger all, just standing outside waiting for coaches and stuff), and then the rest of the day is sports day. but on my normal thursday i dont have any lessons in periods 1 & 2 so i dont need to turn up until the afternoon (when theres the actual sports day), and then ill probably boycott it so i dont need to turn up at all.
found out results of heads of school - clarkey got head boy, lara got head girl, and jack and georgia got deputies. alice was so pissed off she didnt get head girl that she stormed off (allegedly crying too!). i didnt mind losing that much, cos lara is nice and i dont mind her being head girl, and i can always run for house captain or debating society prez.


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