Wednesday, June 23, 2004

blog wednesday 23 june

must learn to write shorter blogs as my page takes longer and longer to load. oh well.
no longer pissed off with Dave as he has been nice to me today :-) still hate Ollie tho :-( i think everyone does. we were choosing study rooms today and no one wants to share with him (no surprise really).
Luigi is fun, we might go to the sports centre one of these days. me and dad took him out for an english cream tea and scones at the bowls club (at the marine gardens, not the big one in town... worthing is capital of the world for bowls!) - how british can ya get?! ;-)
ah cant think of much else to write now, except that Foss managed to get hold of a copy of the banned year 13 photo (see "the condom incident and other stories"), and Jack has broken his ass and his hand from falling 7 foot from something he climbed on and landing on a marble floor. ouch.


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