Monday, June 28, 2004

it's soooooooo unfair! :'(

as Kevin The Teenager often famously said, "It's SOOOOOOOOO unfair!!!"
Today I feel like that! and i am quoting Harry Enfield's great comic creation as it is the best way to express how i currently feel.
we had an arts day so i did no work (but got to watch "my big fat greek wedding", which was excellent) and then at the end there was a sort of presentation thing but half the year 12s (my year) couldnt be arsed to stay for it and wanted to go home early so we sneaked out the back. i went to the common room and was gonna get ready to go when i got started talking with jack and then i saw one of the lists of next year's study rooms (the heads of school have been preparing them lately) and i was with alice and ollie so i got out a pen and drew an arrow going from my name to another study where there were better ppl, and me and jack ended up having an argument about it. i never want to be anywhere near ollie for the rest of my life, i hate him so much, i dont care if i am only in my study for a few minutes per day i still want to avoid him as much as humanly possible. i dont wanna fall out with the heads of school (inc. jack) but id do anything to avoid ollie as much as poss. im still pissed off about being lumped with him (and alice). i feel like a fucking misfit. im so depressed.
the heads are being total hypocrites cos theyve been making sure the rooms are arranged so THEY arent with ollie (or other ppl they hate) and then they ignore the rest of us and put us with ppl we hate. ive told them repeatedly that ollie is the last person id wanna share a room with, and theyve just put me with him, out of all the possible ppl!! just cos theyre heads of school... power crazy ppl!


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