Sunday, June 27, 2004

Portsmouth and Gomez

played football almost all day friday cos chemistry and general studies were cancelled and i dont do maths anymore anyways so i had 6 free periods (out of 8 periods a day!) and then played rounders after school too. jack invited me to see gomez at concorde 2 in brighton and i really wanted to go but my parents wouldnt let me :-( but we went to portsmouth on saturday (yesterday) and i bought:

so i was happy :-)

clarkey announced who gets which study-rooms this year... turns out im with ollie cos no one can stand him and im one of the only remotely tolerant and resiliant ppl in the year. but at least im with will too. and alice, but she doesnt really count as she does nowt but talk about golf. will was well pissed off. we're undoubtedly gonna move into other ppl's studies as soon as poss...


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