Saturday, June 19, 2004

stuff... random stuff... relatives... and other stuff. oh, and Chelmsford.

one of my Italian cousins is coming to stay with us for a while, and my parents have gone to pick him up from the airport. He's coming here to learn english and he'll be going to one of those "english-for-foreign-students" schools in Brighton. But being italian, he's only planning to go to the morning lessons, and then come home to have lunch and sleep for a few hours in the afternoon. my gran reckons that it's a waste of time cos there's no point in him coming all the way over here to learn a bit of english when he has the chance to learn more, but his mum (my aunt) seems perfectly happy to spend her money on that (she's richer than us anyway. bah). it's typically (stereotypically! lol) italian attitude to do sod all in the afternoons. its a wonder anything ever gets done. Will and Malc are planning to move to italy one day and just laze about, eat, drink and have sex (not with each other, obviously). they're confident about getting jobs there cos theyre blonde and Italians worship blonde ppl as they are so rare.
went to see english 2nd/3rd cousins a few weeks ago, theyre really nice (Hi John, Susan, Rose, Sophia). its really weird that we've hardly ever seen them before, compared with how many times weve seen my italian 1st cousins - ok so theres a difference in relatedness but colchester is a lot nearer to us than italy! anyway we're gonna be seeing them much more often from now on. funny thing i noticed about essex when we went to see them: there's a heck of a lot of people in baseball caps. far more than in any other area. especially in chelmsford, and on industrial estates in colchester. apart from my relatives and their friends, who are normal people, essex ppl are a bit... well, funny. i am beginning to see what they mean by phrases such as "essex girls". it seems that everybody, bar (most) old ppl and immigrants, are dressed like this:
males: always wearing baseball caps, with big peaks (usually the younger the person, the larger the peak);
females: not wearing as much as you should be, especially if it's cold and/or you're overweight.


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