Tuesday, July 20, 2004

blog 20th july (tuesday)

at home looking after mum today cos shes just come out of hospital yesterday. we were watching the movie "airplane!" today - twas v.funny.
i'll be posting some more about the saarbrucken experience, as i'm writing a piece about it for the school magazine now. of course there's stuff i can't really put in the magazine version, like getting drunk, or how many sex shops there were, or liam & florence shagging (fran found their pubes in the bed and we made jokes about it, and jo pronounced it well funny, like "poooubes!") but i'll try to give the humble persons of my school an idea of wot it was like (i.e. fun!).
I've been posting my pix from the trip on another blog that i created especially for it, click here for that... 
oh and the lovely blogger.com has changed the "post options" thing on this thing so basically i can do a lot more stuff like different coloured text. it was probably there all the time but only available if u clicked "more post options", which i never did. anyway: woo look at me im typing in lots of different colours! wow. god bless modern technology, as i believe the americans might say.
speaking of americans, on the news last night they were saying that the government (which is republican) hasn't allowed loads of black former criminals to vote in the upcoming election, and theyre largely democrat voters... thats cheating to stay in power! so much for "land of democracy" and all that. how can this be the country thats supposed to be "bringing democracy to iraq" (politian-speak for "blowing up iraq") if they don't have any democracy at home? the only thing i can think of to say about that rather hypocritical country is a very sarcastic "god bless america".


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