Thursday, July 01, 2004

*gulp* shock horror: i may be related to a townie! :-(

my cousin (a) listens to bad house music (not even good house music... if u have to listen to that sorta music at all, at least listen to good examples of it!), and (b) hates rock music (a lot) - he reckons its all crap, even jimi hendrix and led zeppelin, and ozzy is a "cretin". bah. hes almost a townie! u dont really get townies in italy cos they dont have shell suits and cheap clothes/bling (italians are too stylish for that kinda stuff lol). but at least hes gonna buy the new issue of BURN magazine for me (i asked for it cos its got ville valo in it). :-) maybe townies have their uses after all.
mum saw mr T about the study arrangements and he said he wasnt happy with it either and wanted to change it anyways, so im probably gonna be safe from the evil presence of ollie ;-)
not much else to report today, except that im entering a competition in kerrang, i got a suit in portsmouth (for work) and had it adjusted (and chatted with mrs b on the way to pick it up - shes quite friendly outside of lessons), i spent ages watching reruns of "beavis & butt-head" (they rule!) and ive been playing football half the day. oh and its leavers service tomorrow. im gonna miss the year 13s, they were nice to us. and i bunked off community action day with some others cos there was nothing for us to do, and we're not in trouble or anything so its ok.


Blogger Kitkat said...

is you cousin a chav???

4:16 pm  
Blogger Hel Fire said...

lol chavs and townies are the same thing really.

2:33 pm  

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