Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Saarblog (Saarbrücken Blog)

Some things which are very abundant in Saarbruecken:

Irish pubs (Jack would like that)
Sex shops (Will would like that)
Affordable clothes shops (Frankie would like that)
Ornate churches (Lara would like that)
Cobbled streets (no-one wearing high heels would like that! Amy on the trip learnt this the hard way)
Germans (because it's in germany).

In a bit more detail:

There were 2 irish pubs in the town of Saarbrucken, Saarland, Deutschland: Irish Pub (sometimes called O'Dwyer's Irish Pub, but the sign outside just said Irish Pub) and Wally's Irish Pub (aka the Fake Irish Pub, the Other Irish Pub or the Australian Irish Pub).
Irish Pub has a lot of events, like DJ night and karaeoke (its really weird to hear someone singing "Livin' on a Prayer" in German...) and a very popular pool table. Wally's doesn't have so much and we suggested they get a pool table to attract more people - we laughed about it and the australian owner dude said theyre not actually in competition with the other Irish Pub.

The first sex shop i saw was near the youth hostel and it was called "EROTIC GIGANT: Der MEGA-EROTIC Discounter". I'm sure you don't need to be learning german to be able to understand what that meant.
There was also a little place that showed porn films and had little booths for individuals, and from the outside it was obvious what it was, even if you couldnt read: neon pink and blue signs and pictures and mannequins of women in lingerie. some people wanted to have their photos taken outside it as it was the most obvious sex cinema in the world, but Simon went inside and got thrown out and the guy who threw him out came outside too, i'm guessing to make sure he left, so we didn't do any photos. Funny thing was that he got thrown out not because he was underage but because he was smoking - it would probably be different in England!
Also saw brothels in high streets, and Chelmsford Liam (I am calling him that in this blog so as to not confuse him with Liam at my school) said he saw a real prostitute for the first time in his life, but she was worse looking than in movies.

Some of the shops looked quite good and i would have liked to go shopping but i didn't get round to it, and i wanted to spend carefully anyway. Loads of shops have the word "Mc" in the name: "McPaper", "McShirt", etc. There was a McDonalds of course, but their chips (fries?) were a lot saltier than the ones in england so i didn't like them so much. Another place with a funny name was Wienerwald, a restaurant that i went to with Claire on sunday. They did nice burgers, and was quite nice inside, even though theres a zillion posssible jokes you could make about the name. there was also a french guy who paid for our lunch!
There was a shop called Karstadt or something and it was huge and painted black on the outside and had hardly any windows, which made you wonder what life was like for the people inside. Maybe they just don't like sunlight, or maybe there's no one in the parts of the building where there's no windows and they just work in the windowed bits.

There was a church called Johanneskirche which made a good landmark as it was big, in the centre of the town, and was next to a tram stop. I'm not much into architecture, and even less into religion, but the building looked interesting on the outside. there was also a similar building, which i think might have been the Rathaus (town hall), which had a green statue of a knight killing a dragon on one of the walls. Im not sure but i think some of the churches were "gothic" architecture.

It's full of cobbled streets which i'm guessing is a general German thing cos Enzo (family friend who used to live near us but moved to Berlin) said that he can't cycle in Berlin cos its got so many cobbled streets.

You don't need my rough guide to germany to tell you that the country is inhabited by many germans.

I'll probably be adding more stuff about this place later on, but i'm gonna have a break now. Ive been writing about it for the school magazine too, but ive got plenty of time (all summer) to do that. If it's a success, i think i'll do travel writing, like Bill Bryson etc., only under a psyeuodonym (cant spell it but it means pen-name) cos im a little shy, so itll be under the name "H. Fire" (of course).


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Wirklich sehr interessant was man hier über Saarbrücken zu lesen bekommt. Würde mich nur interessieren, was ihr hier gemacht habt?

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