Monday, September 13, 2004

I'm back! France (Ardeche), The Ordinary Boys, and Oranges

Got back from Ardeche trip a few weeks ago but i haven't done much blogging since then - been knackered, and having to do school stuff! So a few updates...
1. just before going there, i went to an excellent party at jack's, with him, his brother (charlie), will, malc, alice, clarkey and his cousin, and tom. drank alcohol, sunbathed, jammed, swam, had sauna and hot tub, ate barbeque food, chatted, played table tennis, jumped on trampoline... "excellent, dudes," as i believe Bill & Ted would say.
2. i got my AS results - AACCU in psychology, biology, chemistry, german and maths in that order. havent got a confirmed result for general studies cos i did 2/3 modules - if i cash it in now ill get a D which is good enuff for me!
3. i have dropped maths and german, and we dont do GS this year. so ive got 3 subjects instead of 6 this year - phew!
4. the ardeche rocked - it pissed down with rain on the first night we spent there, and the journey there and back took hours (and i had to be next to my little brother the whole time cos no one wanted to be with him) - but when we got there we had a great time! on the first day we did canoeing, and we were gonna do it again on the 2nd day but the storm washed all the canoes away, so we had to wait until (a) they found them again, and (b) the river was low enuff and clean enuff. but we managed to do it on the last 2 days, and we did some cool stuff on the days in between - our group (year 13s) did caving, rock climbing & abseiling, high-ropes walking, and mountain biking, and some other groups did kayaking and archery too. (it did make me realise tho how poor we are cos loads of ppl had done that sorta stuff before, but the only ones id ever done before were mountain biking and archery - the others were like unusual treats for me. (bloody rich private-school types... grr jealousy etc.)
5. the other day in chemistry we did one of those nice-smelly experiments that we always like - this time it was extracting limonene from oranges. i asked mr t what he thought about me doing pharmacy or dentistry (theyre my 2 main choices for uni - im doing my ucas form now) and he thought they were good ideas, but mrs b (who teaches biology) was well nasty to me about doing dentistry, calling me too clumsy etc. i dont see why shes not so nasty to alice - she wants to be a vet and shes got good grades, but compared with me shes practically retarded cos shes crap at stuff like answering interview questions - she cant think on her feet. shes only got good grades cos she studies a lot, and we think she has extra tutoring too. alice sucks up to teachers a lot - playing golf with them and letting them win and all that. that is one reason she has no true friends.
6. on tuesday (i think... cant remember now!) i saw the ordinary boys on mtv2 - theyre all from round here (worthing) and one of them is from my school. ironically enough, theyre not actually as ordinary as they make out to be - theyre all from private schools and their dads are rich. maybe one day if im really desperate for money, ill tell the NME... anyway, their new song ("seaside") is excellent. im gonna get their album one day.
7. ive started buying the big issue - something ive been meaning to do for ages. ive bought 2 issues so far from the nice guy outside marks & sparks and it felt good. theres also sometimes a violinist outside there too, im gonna give her money too one day. im amazed ive never been made a charity prefect or anything, considering how much i give to charity compared to everyone else here. theres ppl richer than me who go past them every day and never give them anything, even tho they have plently of money. mr d has even given assemblies saying we shld give money to charity (he gave the example of jack buying "invisible jim" and said jack could have given that money to a worthy cause. invisible jim is cool but jack is dead rich and im amazed that he never gives to charity or buskers, considering how rich and generous he is.) but the rich kids still never do. i find that its usually the poorest ppl, not the richest ppl, in the school, that give the most. liam is supposed to be poor (ppl always say that when they go to his house theres never any food in the fridge) but hes a vegetarian and involved in stuff like anti-cruelty-to-animals things, and hes done gigs to raise money for charity.
some food for thought there then.
ta-ra for now, chuck, as dear old cilla would say.


Blogger Raquel said...

hellow!! :) im happy you had a great time in France, and i'm hoping everything goes well for you this year with studies as i wish for myself, and you said something on this post that really kept me thinking. about how the poorer people give more to charity than the rich people, and i guess your right. honestly i never cared much about charity, but im getting rid of some stuff on my bedroom and i guess i now have a destination for them, but my gramma always worried about giving to charity, and we're not a rch family at all. we have enough to eat and have a 'decent life', but we can't get a new car whenever we want, or be always changing the furniture just because we dont like it anymore. and its amazing how people with so much money that i know get all embarrassed when we talk about charity cause they do nothing to make other people's life a little better. great post, i liked your thoughts :)

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