Friday, October 15, 2004

cool bands to look out for - razorlight, franz ferdinand and more...

razorlight - amazing rock 'n' roll band that have had huge hits with the singles "vice" and "the golden touch" and their debut album "up all night". one of my most recommended bands of the moment, taking over the UK with their amazing live shows. if the rest of the world has any sense it should listen out for them.
the ordinary boys - already mentioned in my blog. similar to razorlight only more ballady than rocky.
franz ferdinand - already taken over the country with their self-titled debut and singles "michael", "take me out" and "matinee", accompanied by award-winning arty videos.
atreyu - emo-ish metallers who sound a bit like funeral for a friend, toured with taking back sunday and have done an emo cover of bon jovi's "you give love a bad name".
the vandals - comedy punks who covered queen's "dont stop me now" and have an album called "hollywood potato chip". rik from school once got stopped at an american airport for wearing one of their t-shirts which had a cartoon of 2 planes flying into each other. they thought it meant he was a 9/11 type suicide bomber so they dragged him away for questioning. (the t-shirt was actually made way before september 11th actually happened). anyway.
my chemical romance - gothic emo boys with 2 albums, "i bought you my bullets, you brought me your love" and "3 cheers for sweet revenge". both are kind of conceptual, telling stories of death, doom and relationships. surprisingly not depressing.
well there you go, ive done my bit for the community now, by telling them about the "next big things" to look out for. (ive always got relatives asking me which bands are gonna be big, and im nearly always right. i told them the darkness were gonna be huge, and at first they didnt believe me, but when they headlined the BRIT awards they realised i wasnt kidding, and since then theyve always come to me for predictions of "who is going to be the next darkness.)


Blogger bonecat caliente said...

Aha, allow me to perhaps give you a heads up on another band that i think will be huge when they release their album outside or narway:
"the National Bank"

They have a video on their site (which is sadly written in norwegian which doesnt help us english reading folk!).

I personally am also a musician, so dont think that i am just one of these crazed blog posters who know nothing. Check out my blog if you wish sometime!

Keep up the interesting stuff!

10:25 pm  
Blogger Hel Fire said...

thanks :-)

3:04 pm  

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