Friday, December 17, 2004


ha ha! you visited this post on my blog in the hope of seeing a picture of Ben helping jack off Malcolm. tut tut, you naughty porn lover! you were wrong - all you're getting is this...

... a picture of Ben helping Jack off Malcolm.
As you can see, it only takes one capital letter to change the whole meaning of the sentence. suddenly it's not so dodgy after all...

anyway the picture above is part of a little private joke of ours (one of many jokes of ours that use Jack's name in a dodgy way) and was taken on the ardeche trip this summer. it seems so long ago... its nearly christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

university challenge...

applied to exeter again for a regular 3-year law course - havent heard from them yet. it doesnt matter if they accept me or reject me this time, cos ive got 2 offers already, but it would be nice if they accepted me cos i really like the location. found out yesterday that i was rejected by the LSE. oh well. hadnt expected to get in it anyway.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

chemistry closed... (a bit of a bugger)

the chemistry department at exeter has closed today - im gutted cos (a) i like chemistry and its important (we need ppl to research new drugs/medicines/pharmaceuticals etc, we need chemistry teachers for the future, otherwise we wont have future doctors/dentists etc, somebodys gotta find new renewable/non-polluting energy sources.....) and (b) i applied to do a joint honours degree in chemistry and law there. as theyre stopping the course now, i wont be able to do it, and theyre sending me a letter about it soon. theyll be giving me one extra ucas choice to apply to - i can apply to another course at exeter, or a course at another uni. im gonna choose law at either exeter or SOAS, im not sure which. both r excellent in general and for law. but it is a bit of a bugger that i have to apply again. (well im saying "bugger" but i really should say "inconvenience". )
anyway ive got 2 offers from reading and sussex (AAB and ABB respectively) so it doesnt matter too much if im rejected by the others.