Thursday, December 02, 2004

chemistry closed... (a bit of a bugger)

the chemistry department at exeter has closed today - im gutted cos (a) i like chemistry and its important (we need ppl to research new drugs/medicines/pharmaceuticals etc, we need chemistry teachers for the future, otherwise we wont have future doctors/dentists etc, somebodys gotta find new renewable/non-polluting energy sources.....) and (b) i applied to do a joint honours degree in chemistry and law there. as theyre stopping the course now, i wont be able to do it, and theyre sending me a letter about it soon. theyll be giving me one extra ucas choice to apply to - i can apply to another course at exeter, or a course at another uni. im gonna choose law at either exeter or SOAS, im not sure which. both r excellent in general and for law. but it is a bit of a bugger that i have to apply again. (well im saying "bugger" but i really should say "inconvenience". )
anyway ive got 2 offers from reading and sussex (AAB and ABB respectively) so it doesnt matter too much if im rejected by the others.


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