Thursday, January 13, 2005

this is so cool! backwards messages!

check both these out!

ive tried the led zep one myself by playing my cd of it on my computer and recording it, then playing backwards in windows sound recorder, and it really worked! another one i tried for myself was def leppard's "rocket" (it has to be the version on "hysteria", cos it only works with that version) - at the very beginning u hear them singing quietly, and if u play it backwards theyre singing "we're fighting for the gods of war", which is a line from "gods of war" which is also on the "hysteria" album. and i tried out queen's "another one bites the dust" backwards too, and it was about marijuana!
backwards messages rock!!

doss day

this morning i had a doss day... general studies exam first thing in the morning (a total doss subject, and it made me realise what a waste of time the lessons were in year 12 as they were completely different to the exam!), 1 biology lesson, and psychology cancelled cos most of the class were in an english exam, so i went into town with some of the few people that werent doing english. (so many ppl do english AS/A levels here! and at the other sixth form in this town, more ppl do law and psychology than any other subjects. ppl always do these kinda subjects!) we were a bit hyper, especially will, who was chasing pigeons and pole-dancing (around the poles in town, like signposts and stuff... not in a lapdance club or anything!), and who had earlier been messing around with a large cardboard box (including trying to fit me inside it...). i had a good day, except for the fact that i did hardly any revision (i need to do some, i have exams!) and accidentally left my jumper at college. maybe i shouldve gone home early like sarah did (we finished at the same time cos of our timetables).