Thursday, January 13, 2005

doss day

this morning i had a doss day... general studies exam first thing in the morning (a total doss subject, and it made me realise what a waste of time the lessons were in year 12 as they were completely different to the exam!), 1 biology lesson, and psychology cancelled cos most of the class were in an english exam, so i went into town with some of the few people that werent doing english. (so many ppl do english AS/A levels here! and at the other sixth form in this town, more ppl do law and psychology than any other subjects. ppl always do these kinda subjects!) we were a bit hyper, especially will, who was chasing pigeons and pole-dancing (around the poles in town, like signposts and stuff... not in a lapdance club or anything!), and who had earlier been messing around with a large cardboard box (including trying to fit me inside it...). i had a good day, except for the fact that i did hardly any revision (i need to do some, i have exams!) and accidentally left my jumper at college. maybe i shouldve gone home early like sarah did (we finished at the same time cos of our timetables).


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