Wednesday, August 31, 2005

always look on the bright side of life

had a chat about the accommodation with james e last night. he didn't get what he wanted either - he's got to share his room with someone else (a complete stranger!) and he said to me "at least you've got your own room". there's a few nice ensuite rooms left but they're sharing only (twin beds) and they're being taken fast, so i think i'm going to stick with my standard single room (student standard = grotty, as everyone knows, but hey, it's cheap...).
saw an old friend, emma o, the other day. she got AAA too and is going to sheffield uni, to do law as well. she went to college with someone called maria who was in my class at high school, and we all went to the same first school too. i asked where maria was going cos her proud mother said (boasted?) that she's doing law too, but emma said that she's doing "some obscure subject" (hinting that it's probably a doss?) at bristol. i am not surprised really, because altho maria isn't stupid and does work reasonably hard, she's not that smart either, even though loads of people at high school thought she was brilliant for some reason. she got a special award at the GCSE prizegiving ceremony even though there were other people whose results were just as good, but that school always seemed to favour her for a lot of stuff.
there's the A-level prizegiving at school on the 15th of september, which i think should be a little more interesting than the GCSE one, as there's fewer people. instead of just reading out a long list of names (boring) as they do with the GCSEs, they read out the names and say little things about each pupil, and i'm interested to hear what they say about me. i'm also curious to see who gets special awards this year, too. over the years i have noticed the blatant favouritism that a lot of the teachers have, particularly in the high-school part of the school (altho not so much in the sixth-form college part of the school, thankfully), so it's not too hard to predict who gets what awards - not just in the GCSE/A-level prizegiving ceremonies but other prizes as well, like the ones they give out to the high-school kids at the end of each term. it's really unfair cos there are people who never got awards, and people who got them all the time, and though some of the people who never or rarely got anything really deserved some kind of recognition. it's probably because it's a small school, so the teachers (think that they) know everyone. i hope that people get the recognition they deserve this year...


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