Monday, August 22, 2005

"life is very long when you're lonely..."

to quote a line from the Smiths' psychadelic epic song "the queen is dead": life is very long when you're lonely!
the weather is grey and dull and a bit rainy outside. i think im becoming addicted to the net (especially blogging) cos of the nice bright colours (much better than the grey grottiness outside)! i think i will start typing my blog all in rainbow colours, maybe that will cheer me up.
Mum and Rob are in London, and should be off to Durham later (rob is visiting the unis), and dad is at home (day off work) and we are both getting a bit depressed. he's knackered and stressed, and i'm alone cos most of my friends are either (a) on holiday, (b) busy searching for uni places in clearing, or (c) too cool to care (they're the people who get boyfriends/girlfriends and spend all their time with them, and end up neglecting all their old friends). we are also having trouble deciding what to cook for dinner.
i think i will try and lift my spirits with a couple of pictures...


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