Friday, August 26, 2005


:-( Still don't have that formatting toolbar back, so now my blog will be all in black and white again... boring. i think that if i occassionally add colour, different font sizes, pictures etc. it kind of breaks it up and makes it easier to read.
anyway, i'm going to type some stuff, and if i later get that toolbar back again, i'll just edit this post (and others) and add colour, pix, etc.
I'm really annoyed that most of my friends seem to have forgotten me already, probably cos they are so wrapped up with their holiday romances, or maybe the fact that they're all 18 now so they no longer need me (one of the eldest in the yeargroup) to help them buy alcoholic drinks. (some friends!)
However, last night i did go out with my brother and 2 of his friends, went to a chinese restaurant and a few pubs and then to the house of one of them, we had a good time, so maybe not all is lost. although i think all hope is lost for most of the population, due to reasons such as increasing chavdom. while we were outside a chinese restaurant, deciding whether to go there or to another one, this massive bunch of young chavs walked down the road and they were dressed like complete fools. the front doors of this restaurant had these door handles which were painted gold, and a few of the chavs (who probably thought they were real gold... maybe thinking, "blingin', innit," or words to that effect) actually tried to nick them!
Another problem for the country is people's ignorance of politics. ok so it may not be the most interesting subject in the world but it's still really important, it affects all out lives, all the time, so it's important that people are politically aware. i was helping my old friend tara with her personal statement for university and she wrote in it something about how interested she is in world politics. later on we were chatting and i mentioned something about the republican party in america and how the right wing is getting so obsessed with "preserving family values" (i.e. discriminating against homosexuality etc.) that they are even criticising innocent TV shows like "Spongebob squarepants" for supposedly "promoting homosexuality to children". she'd never heard of stuff like this before and said she thought i was making it up, she didn't even know words like "republican", and she got a bit pissed off with me and said i was lying. she's hardly informed about world politics if she doesn't know what republicans are, is she? still, she's probably a lot more politically aware than your average idiot chav.
I'd also like to say that i have the impression that girls are not really expected to be as politically aware or interested as boys are. yes, we are supposedly in the age of gender equality, but there are still a few stereotypes left. for some people, at least, it seems that girls are not really expected to be interested in politics, music or football, or have a good sense of humour... and i'm the complete opposite of that stereotype! there is also this idea that we are all fascinated by the lives of celebrities and spend all day poring over magazines like "heat"... i'm sorry but i'm not really all that interested in spending what little cash i have on paparrazzi photos of former "big brother" contestants. does the fact that i don't conform to my gender role make me abnormal or something? no, i think it just means those ideas of what women should/shouldn't do are just stupid.
(edited on 29/8/05 - text formatting added - colours, bold, italics, etc - got that toolbar back! when i originally posted this, on the 26th, i'd lost the toolbar and couldnt do this sort of stuff, you see.)


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Thank you for helping to expose the Republicans as the falsely moral fools that they are.

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