Tuesday, August 30, 2005

traditional grotty student accommodation

today started nicely - had a good amount of sleep without having to sleep til noon (i was downstairs and dressed and everything at 9 o'clock, without anyone having to wake me up... unusual for a lazy person during the summer hols), had a decent breakfast, and watched a few music videos and an episode of father ted (all on dvd of course... good old digital versatile discs!).
then the post arrived...
a big envelope from exeter, including a letter saying that the nice new posh accommodation is way too oversubscribed this year so i haven't got any of the 3 halls i applied for, and they'll have to give me the grotty old halls instead. (they didn't quite phrase it like that, but it was words to the same effect).
the room i've been given for my first year is a "standard" room (legend has it that the traditional standard student room is horrible. i am already imagining a scene not unlike the tv show the young ones...). i was hoping to brighten it up a little by covering every conceivable surface with pictures, posters and photos, but then i read in the handbook that if any damage is done by them and the uni have to repaint the walls due to paint being ruined by sellotape, pins, etc., i will have to pay for it. the only upside is that grotty halls are supposed to have the best social life to make up for the general grottiness of it all.
james e from school is also going to exeter this year, and i hate to sound nasty cos hes a nice bloke, but im half-hoping that he will join me in the grottiness, so at least i will have some company. (it would be nice to see a familiar face around, as long as it isnt frowning.)


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