Tuesday, August 30, 2005

well... i suppose it's not too bad...

...at least i got accommodation, even if it's not the best in the world. i was just checking the details of the accomm to see whether or not i'm allowed to stick posters and photos on the walls or not, and i noticed that the price is a lot lower than the posh en-suite accommodation (i'm saving around £900 a year now!) and it includes a mini fridge (the same as the posh accomm does, so that's good). The mini fridge isn't all that "mini" either, it's a lot bigger than the mini-fridges you get for £20-£25 at woolworths that loads of people in my year had in their study-rooms at sixth form (those were truly tiny little fridges, you couldn't fit a lot in them, a bit pointless really)... my brother has seen the fridges they give you at Exeter and they're proper decent-sized fridges!

On a completely different note, for some reason i have been listening to the spam song, as featured on the legendary monty python, quite a lot lately. you can find the sketch, lyrics and a wav file of it here.
and, while i'm here, i would also like to add links to the badger song and the llama song - two strange, animated little ditties, featuring mushrooms, snakes, ducks and a heck of a lot of other living things, as well as badgers and llamas of course. you may laugh. you may wonder who made these things (and why). you may find them a bit annoying, weird, or "random". (why is "random" now the most overused word in the english language, at least by people my age?) One of my personal favourite animation-type-things (of sorts), starring one of my personal favourite people, is Morrissey dance, from the creator of the wonderful, sublime Toothpaste for dinner web comic. enjoy, bloggers.


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