Friday, September 23, 2005


got back from italy today (had to go there for 5 days, with my parents), am absolutely knackered - i might have enjoyed the trip if i wasn't so tired. i had weird headaches and cried from the tiredness sometimes, cos i was so exhausted. it's quite difficult to type now. i'm still recovering from it. i hope i'm better by sunday (that's when i'm leaving for uni). still, it's good to be back home for a bit before i go, and see my cats, home comforts, etc...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

toffee and coffee

i love coffee (not to mention tea, and biscuits, and chocs... but that's another story...) and i stocked up on these small, cheap jars of the sweet bean from sainsburys (well theyre sainsburys brand but i got them cheaply from another shop that sells stuff from loads of other shops...) but i am beginning to wonder whether they will last long at all... anyway, i also got some proplus (caffeine pills) the other day, so they will help in troubled times of low caffeine (tho obviously they don't taste half as good as coffee does!)
the blogger homepage has got a new look, showing stuff like recently-updated blogs, and one that i noticed was about toffee (yum yum! altho i prefer fudge). lots of different types, including liquorice toffee (never heard of that before...). check it out.
still have tons of stuff to prepare for leaving home - need batteries etc. - all these little things that are easy to forget... i hope we have time. we're going to italy next week so i only have a couple of days to get everything. oh god. i would go out and get stuff, but (a) i can't drive and (b) i don't have a lot of money. so im basically dependent on my parents for buying stuff and just waiting around until they have the time to go and buy stuff :-(
today i've been watching some of my dvds (especially the smiths/moz ones) for possibly the last time before i go - it probably sounds shallow but i'll miss 'em! as well as my obvious family, i think i'll also miss the presence of my cats cos they're part of the family too (altho i won't miss the fur everywhere, puke, dead/dying mice, etc.) and of course i'll miss my friends (but i'll try and keep in touch with them).

oh yeah, i finally got that johnny panic cd - only £2.99 in the sale as well! and it rocks! also got 3 cds for £15 in a special offer in another shop - i got the jam, morrissey, and the ramones. i love record sales. sales are good. i am happy :-)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Beatlemania, or I Have Forgiven Macca...

happy today cos mum just found an original beatles book of hers (from the '70s) at the back of a cupboard, and it's in mint condition! it's really cool. i've kind of rediscovered the beatles lately, i dug out good ol' sgt pepper again and got 1 a few weeks ago.
in other music news today, i have finally got off my arse and scanned in that nice picture of ville valo on the cover of metal hammer magazine. check it out...
went to prizegiving last night - after all the usual what-am-i-gonna-wear agony - and was pleasantly surprised to find myself receiving all kinds of awards. i got special awards for all my subjects, cos a special award means you got an A in that subject, plus the award for AAA and the psychology cup (shared with lucy). some people got tons of 'em, like georgia who got a cup for every subject. there was also an extra award (and photoshoot... ulp! i got very shy...) for people who got AAA (i.e. me, georgia, tom, annikka, alice... altho i think jamez e should have got something too, cos he got AABC which is about the same as AAA in ucas tariff points). the special guest speaker this year was, fittingly, a cricket player (we won the ashes, wahey!). will said that his degree (international tourism management) includes a year abroad in the 2nd year, and that is also the year that the ashes is in australia, so he's going there ;-)
(there were 2 awards that puzzled us all, though: the awards for head girl and head boy. (yes, our school is really that old-fashioned that we still have heads of school, prefects, etc.!) what was the point of those awards, theres no possible competition for them, so its not really an achievement to win them because the moment you become a head you automatically win the award anyway!)
finished another week's work experience at the CPS today - could come in handy in the future. i quite like it there, i think i might even consider working there one day - a career to bear in mind at least. the problem is all the paperwork and red tape they have to cope with... :-S
by the way, please feel free to leave comments on the colours i'm using in the blog lately - i hope i'm not overusing them, but i thought it might need a touch of colour to liven it up...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

how i wasted 14 minutes of my time

one of those "market research" people just rang up and asked me to take a survey about light bulbs, which lasted 14 minutes. how can i get rid of these people politely?
on a completely different note... if anyone else in the world is feeling sick and tired of all these generic "R&B" acts (as in "urban" music, not "rhythm and blues"...) that are currently massive in the charts but are basically just as boring, unoriginal, same-y and cynically marketed (in other words, just as evil) as the pop boy bands of recent years, you may like this:

(click to enlarge - you really need to read the whole thing.)

and now for some normal music.

mum got a DVD of Live aid highlights today, i watched a bit and couldn't help but notice during the tina turner/mick jagger duet (amazing chemistry between them, great voices, and i'm not even a particular fan of either of 'em...) how much mick jagger looked (and still looks) like aerosmith's steve tyler. separated at birth, perhaps? oh, and bono had a mullet too, which looked terrible, i have to say.

HIM are releasing a new album soon, called "the dark light" i think. i've heard some samples of some of their songs and it sounds like it could be good, and Ville Valo is looking better than ever with his new haircut ;-)

(i'm just posting this pic for now, i'll find a better version of it later...)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Trifle of trivia

like most bloggers, i'm supposed to comment on current affairs, like the recent events in america concerning hurricane katrina... but i've decided not to because there are just so many bloggers out there documenting it all, some of them actually there in new orleans. if you want a blogger's point of view on it, read the blogs of the people there. i will ramble on about the trivial little things in my life, as usual (altho on a serious note, my thoughts are with the survivors and rescuers, and i wish them luck).
lately mum has been making trifles - she got the recipe off a recipe card from waitrose (posh supermarket, selling yummy but expensive food), it includes blueberries, creme de cassis (an alcoholic liquer that tastes a bit like ribena), cream and custard. i'm probably going to miss homemade treats while im at uni. i applied for my student account today and i'm still waiting to hear from the student loans people. my accommodation has been confirmed now, i've registered as a student online (the wonders of modern technology) and i've got to pay fees and rent now (so hurry up, student loan!). i also had a look at the students' guild (student union) website - i like the sound of/am intruiged by some of the societies, especially the law society (i think it would be a good idea if i joined that), debating society, catfish (the indie/alternative soc), rocsoc (the rock society), the expedition soc, the out of doors soc, the socialist soc, lib dems soc, and (wait for it...) the circus society!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

if you want to check out what i'm listening to...