Wednesday, September 07, 2005

how i wasted 14 minutes of my time

one of those "market research" people just rang up and asked me to take a survey about light bulbs, which lasted 14 minutes. how can i get rid of these people politely?
on a completely different note... if anyone else in the world is feeling sick and tired of all these generic "R&B" acts (as in "urban" music, not "rhythm and blues"...) that are currently massive in the charts but are basically just as boring, unoriginal, same-y and cynically marketed (in other words, just as evil) as the pop boy bands of recent years, you may like this:

(click to enlarge - you really need to read the whole thing.)

and now for some normal music.

mum got a DVD of Live aid highlights today, i watched a bit and couldn't help but notice during the tina turner/mick jagger duet (amazing chemistry between them, great voices, and i'm not even a particular fan of either of 'em...) how much mick jagger looked (and still looks) like aerosmith's steve tyler. separated at birth, perhaps? oh, and bono had a mullet too, which looked terrible, i have to say.

HIM are releasing a new album soon, called "the dark light" i think. i've heard some samples of some of their songs and it sounds like it could be good, and Ville Valo is looking better than ever with his new haircut ;-)

(i'm just posting this pic for now, i'll find a better version of it later...)


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