Saturday, September 17, 2005

toffee and coffee

i love coffee (not to mention tea, and biscuits, and chocs... but that's another story...) and i stocked up on these small, cheap jars of the sweet bean from sainsburys (well theyre sainsburys brand but i got them cheaply from another shop that sells stuff from loads of other shops...) but i am beginning to wonder whether they will last long at all... anyway, i also got some proplus (caffeine pills) the other day, so they will help in troubled times of low caffeine (tho obviously they don't taste half as good as coffee does!)
the blogger homepage has got a new look, showing stuff like recently-updated blogs, and one that i noticed was about toffee (yum yum! altho i prefer fudge). lots of different types, including liquorice toffee (never heard of that before...). check it out.
still have tons of stuff to prepare for leaving home - need batteries etc. - all these little things that are easy to forget... i hope we have time. we're going to italy next week so i only have a couple of days to get everything. oh god. i would go out and get stuff, but (a) i can't drive and (b) i don't have a lot of money. so im basically dependent on my parents for buying stuff and just waiting around until they have the time to go and buy stuff :-(
today i've been watching some of my dvds (especially the smiths/moz ones) for possibly the last time before i go - it probably sounds shallow but i'll miss 'em! as well as my obvious family, i think i'll also miss the presence of my cats cos they're part of the family too (altho i won't miss the fur everywhere, puke, dead/dying mice, etc.) and of course i'll miss my friends (but i'll try and keep in touch with them).

oh yeah, i finally got that johnny panic cd - only £2.99 in the sale as well! and it rocks! also got 3 cds for £15 in a special offer in another shop - i got the jam, morrissey, and the ramones. i love record sales. sales are good. i am happy :-)


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