Monday, September 05, 2005

Trifle of trivia

like most bloggers, i'm supposed to comment on current affairs, like the recent events in america concerning hurricane katrina... but i've decided not to because there are just so many bloggers out there documenting it all, some of them actually there in new orleans. if you want a blogger's point of view on it, read the blogs of the people there. i will ramble on about the trivial little things in my life, as usual (altho on a serious note, my thoughts are with the survivors and rescuers, and i wish them luck).
lately mum has been making trifles - she got the recipe off a recipe card from waitrose (posh supermarket, selling yummy but expensive food), it includes blueberries, creme de cassis (an alcoholic liquer that tastes a bit like ribena), cream and custard. i'm probably going to miss homemade treats while im at uni. i applied for my student account today and i'm still waiting to hear from the student loans people. my accommodation has been confirmed now, i've registered as a student online (the wonders of modern technology) and i've got to pay fees and rent now (so hurry up, student loan!). i also had a look at the students' guild (student union) website - i like the sound of/am intruiged by some of the societies, especially the law society (i think it would be a good idea if i joined that), debating society, catfish (the indie/alternative soc), rocsoc (the rock society), the expedition soc, the out of doors soc, the socialist soc, lib dems soc, and (wait for it...) the circus society!


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