Monday, October 31, 2005

an ottery way to celebrate guy fawkes' night... (only in england!)

last night i went to the nearby village of ottery st mary to watch the local tradition of "tar barrelling" - basically people running up and down hills while carrying barrels of burning tar on their shoulders. according to someone down my corridor who has been researching this, it is the oldest tradition that hasnt yet been banned. i can see why people would want it banned, it was a pyromaniac's wildest dream - the tar barrellers (interestingly, of both the main genders) were running through crowded streets, sometimes very close to the spectators, and people in the audience would cheer them on and when it looked like the barrels were going out they chanted for paraffin...
and the food! there were burger vans everywhere, plus other dodgy food outlets, including one that made donuts (4 for £1!) which made me feel nauseous: rings of solid fat, deep fried in hot liquid fat. these put me right off donuts (and i used to like the damn things...). nice. later i had a chicken burger to make myself feel better, i liked the bread but not the chicken so much. i think i might go vegetarian now. (meat is murder! sometimes literally, if you die of food poisoning...)
anyway, doesnt rolling-stuff-down-hills-once-a-year seem to be such an english tradition? ive heard of cheese rolling, bathtub racing, etc., but ive never heard of any of these kinds of traditions happening anywhere else in the world. (if they do, could someone let me know please?)

i might upload a few more pictures of this unique event later, im having problems with uploads right now :-(

another couple of points raised by this (rant time i'm afraid!)...

1. guy fawkes tried to blow up parliament (well, he wanted to get the king, but that meant taking out the rest of parliament in the process...) - which makes people wonder if he had the right idea after all?
when there is the general election, the tradition is that the queen dissolves parliament (i.e. we have no parliament for a month!). we do ok without them for a month, so it makes you wonder if we would be ok without them forever. i reckon we'd do ok without the monarchy, at least. (dunno if we'd be ok without government/parliament though...) the monarchy dont do a lot, the only arguments people use for keeping them are "its traditional" and "they bring in the tourists". (i LOVE johnny rotten's sarcastic sneering in the sex pistols' "god save the queen": the lyric "god save the queen, cos tourists are money!" classic song!) apart from bringing in tourists, what do they do? recently prince charles has been telling president monkey (bush) off for not doing enough to halt climate change, so hes ok after all. but the rest of them dont do a lot as far as i can tell, apart from owning dangerous dogs, hunting foxes, riding horses, being rich, living in palaces, smoking pot, etc. maybe thats why old guido wanted to blow up the king. of course, i cant say that it was a good idea, becuase that would be "glorifying terrorism" and the "labour" government wants to outlaw that in their new anti-terror legislation.
2. i went with some people from my corridor to the tar barrelling and they all stuck together, except for one guy (rich) who was blatanty ignoring us girls and constantly on the phone to his girlfriend. when he got home i heard him talking about it with a mate who asked who he went with, and he mentioned the names of the boys we'd gone with but none of the girls. i was next to him and he didnt even say he'd gone with me, i mean he couldnt exactly have forgotten about me seeing as i was right in front of him! also on the way home, after the group had fragmented a bit (as they always seem to do on nights out), i was walking back with him and he just buggered off, and i had to make my own way home. i got to the coach just in time, and found vicky (one of the girls who had also come on the trip) there too, luckily for both of us. but still, not very gentlemanly of him to leave us to find our own ways home, in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar place.
i've noticed this with a lot of boys my age, when they get a girlfriend they forget about all the other girls and ignore their mates on purpose. ive met other guys who do that, e.g. jack at school was one of my best mates and then he became what will called a "wom" - "woman over mates". i havent heard from him in ages, which he wouldnt have done when he was single. it's not worth losing your friends over, really. i admit, i probably would have lost mates over boys when i was 13, but when youre 18-plus it's just plain stupid!
reminds me of another song, morrissey's "hold on to your friends" - i'm sorry but i will have to copy-and-paste quite large sections of the lyrics (oh what the hell, i'll just copy and paste the whole lot!) to demonstrate what i mean:

A bond of trust
Has been abused
Something of value
May be lost
Give up your job
Squander your cash - be rash
Just hold on to your friends

There are more than enough
To fight and oppose
Why waste good time
Fighting the people you like
Who will fall defending your name
Oh, don't feel so ashamed
To have friends

But now you only call me
When you're feeling depressed
When you feel happy I'm
So far from your mind
My patience is stretched
My loyalty vexed
Oh, you're losing all of your friends

Hold on to your friends
Hold on to your friends
Resist - or move on
Be mad, be rash
Smoke and explode
Sell all of your clothes
Just bear in mind :
Oh, there just might come a time
When you need some friends

(there you go, proves my theory that moz has lyrics for every occasion!)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

a new post. about partying. again! :-)

wow, that last post was long enough already, so i will start a new post to continue the story.

right, the open mic night, continued: 2 main rooms in the lemmy, one which was open mic all night and the other which was open mic for a bit and then disco for the rest of the night.
in the room with open mic all night, there were blokes with acoustic guitars covering "rocking in the free world" and a screen behind them. after an hour or so, they started showing dangermouse on the screen, which we all thought was cool but rather random.
in the other room, there was some soppy emo type dudes - its not that i have anything against emo but this was a rather sappy, cheesy, watery variety of it - followed by DJing (mentioned in the previous post what kind of music they played... i remember they played the killers (cant remember which song), ash's "girl from mars" (which ash - the guy opposite, not the band - said was one of his fave songs ever), joy division's "love will tear us apart", and according to ash they also played the cure's "lovecats" while i was out of the room). anyway, we all got rather drunk (ash was the drunkest i've ever seen him, he got very giggly and hyper and had trouble standing up to his full height, which is normally very tall), and ash's JD-and-coke-induced hyperactivity (normally he is extremely lazy) made him run all the way back home early (a long and hilly trek), so me and pete went round pete's mate's room in lopes hall. it is conveniently situated on campus and not far from the lemmy, but i think it's not too close for it to be too noisy, so it's a pretty good location. we listened to music and watched videos that this guy and his friends had done, including a spoof action film called the assassinator, which was absolutely brilliant! (you can download it from - aint it great to have uni broadband? apparently it's 100 times faster than most home broadband... the £65-per-year is worth it after all!)

the next notable adventure (there have been quite a few nights out, i'll only go into detail about the ones that stick out in my mind) was my birthday celebrations. on october 22nd, yours truly reached the grand old age of 19. conveniently, it was a saturday. celebrations began on friday (people on my floor clubbed together to buy me chocolate and flowers - 2 of my favourite things!), involved consumption of alcohol (naturally...) and continued all night, going well past midnight (people wishing me happy birthday as soon as the new day began). when i woke up the next day, there was a poster with "Happy birthday Helen, you're 19 today!" written in the middle and everyone's signatures and little messages all around on the wall opposite my room, so it was the first thing i saw when i opened my door in the morning. (it's now on my wall, above my bed.)
celebrations continued all weekend (any excuse for a party!) and saturday night involved duryard's traditional way of celebrating people's birthdays: drinking the welly! the wellington (welly) bar, shared by students from all the duryard halls, has a welly which your friends fill with drnks and make you drink. i managed about half of it (all the leg... couldnt manage the foot though!) which was ok going. i then played table football with michelle and co from my end of the corridor (it was her birthday the week before mine, and she experienced similar celebrations to me, only with more alcohol... she is such a legend when drunk! he he he) and pool with jim bob from the other end of the corridor (i lost twice, miserably... when sober i am great at pool!). one night - friday i think (i can't remember) - i was drunk and we were going to go to the lemmy, and i got there a minute too late to use my card to get in (valid before 10pm). i couldnt be arsed to queue to buy a ticket so i went home, stopping to visit jenni on the 2nd floor (she has livened up her room with fairy lights, in the duryard tradition) and ash on my floor (playing records and guitar until 1am, as usual). on sunday i went out shopping with mum - she got me tons of clothes (handy as i'd ripped my jeans...), an idlewild cd (warnings/promises), dvds of "blackadder" and "the office", and - best of all - this here laptop! twas nice to see her again too. she told me news about how the family is - rob's got an interview at cambridge coming up soon and had an interview at warwick yesterday! genius kid! - and they'll all be visiting me in november.

last night i went to the annual halloween party hosted by catfish indie soc. AWESOME! at the start it was fairly normal, mainstream kind of party music (we wondered if it was truly indie), then they had a couple of bands on followed by more DJ-ing, and from then on it improved.
they played the smiths' "frankly, mr. shankly" which made me commit to the dance floor from then on. i actually met other people who liked them and knew the words! (that just wouldnt happen at home. worthing is officially CRAP.) they also played other stuff i kinda liked like the ordinary boys, the strokes and blink 182, plus the aforementioned "lovecats" and the obligatory indie disco anthem: new order's "blue monday". later they also played "this charming man" - excellent! (i think i made some excited high-pitched noises at that point!) i ended up dancing with this guy who seemed quite keen on me. he was doing drama and said it was "not a proper subject". he lives in holland hall but wasnt at all snooty about it. he was a very nice person, although i dont fancy him at all (his breath stank - perhaps due to dehydration from alcohol?), but still, twas nice to meet (indie) people. near the end of the party (during pulp's classic "common people"), the rest of our corridor (who had been in the lemmy) dropped in - they were great, as ever. we all went home and crashed out in someone's room, occassionally going to pete's room to check that he was still breathing, before going to bed (i went to bed about 3am i think). the clocks went back one hour that night, which was confusing. the party went on until 1am, but really it was until 2am (does that make sense?).
(i sometimes wonder why we have to change the clocks and all that, it's just confusing! why can't we settle for a time inbetween summertime and wintertime and stick with that time all the time?)
now i have to finish my essay - it has to be in by 4pm tomorrow! i've written 428 words so far and i'm aiming for 700. i've also got a presentation to do with my team (team meeting tomorrow!)
(PS that picture of a welly i used here isnt actually the welly we use here, but it looks a little bit like ours.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

it's "only" rock 'n' roll? news about neo-nazis abusing the power of music... followed by some good music and some good times!

This is disturbing - i thought this sort of thing should have died out years ago with hitler and all that lot, but it appears to still be going on... read the whole article, it's 3 pages:
ABC News: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate.
I think the right wing needs to be more worried about racist/nazi messages in music, rather than the so-called "satanic" messages that rock music supposedly contains...
The power of music can never be underestimated in my opinion. coincidentially, i'd just started a blog about songs that mean something to me. i've seen some of my mates, like raquel, feature a lot of posts in their blogs of their favourite lyrics, but i wanted to do a separate blog for that, otherwise this one would just get clogged up with them.

Now i think i'd better turn my attention to the more cheerful side of music...

My laptop seems to be working fine now, and i've started using it to get to work on my uni-work! As well as its academic function, i've also used it for a lot of other stuff, mostly downloading stuff (unis get superfast broadband!) - today i downloaded loads of comedy songs: Beatallica (beatles songs covered in the style of metallica*), black smiths (smiths songs covered in the style of black sabbath**), Amateur Transplants' famous "london underground", songs by the spazrock band that my next-door neighbour here used to play guitar for, and good old monty python songs! the day before, i downloaded lots of videos, mostly of Morrissey, including a hilarious interview with him on the Jonathan Ross show! god bless broadband.
* example song titles: hey dude, the thing that should not let it be, and justice for all my loving, sgt. hetfield's motorbreath pub band, leper madonna, i want to choke your band. they've even combined the beatles and metallica in their artwork!
** example song titles: how sweet is leaf?, shoplifters in the void, planet in a coma, this charming acrobat, fairies panic, children of the cemetry gates. you get the idea. (i think they should also cover ozzy's solo stuff too, besides his sabbath stuff, just so they could write a song titled frankly, mr. crowley.)
My laptop can also play DVDs, and i got 2 dvds in a 2-for-the-price-of-1 offer the other day - the first series of "the office" and the second series of "blackadder". i havent got round to watching them yet but no doubt i will soon.

Now i will tell you more about life at uni. the first couple of weeks may conform to the stereotype of us all being a bunch of hard-partying, lazy dossers, with hangovers and lie-ins, but once the year's work starts, it's very different. Also it depends on your subject: there's this kind of political correctness about that we have to assume that all subjects (and qualifications) are equal (not just at uni but at school too) but in reality some subjects are hard and some are easy. no offence to any drama students who may be here, but drama students are a bunch of dossers! they party so much! they have no homework! they start their lessons with meditation! (surely the people who do hard subjects are actually the ones that would need some nice, relaxing meditation the most?) i don't want to sound like im picking on drama students, im just using them as an example, the most extreme example i could thnk of. english students are also considered a bunch of dossers too, although to a slightly lesser degree than drama students.
anyway... no matter where you are, there is always one noisy drama student on every corridor! fact!!

Of course, i have partied quite a bit myself in the first couple of weeks, but it's week 4 of term (week 5 if you count freshers week) so i've had to tone it down and get to work by now. the wild partying prior to the hard studying included clubbing (altho im getting a little sick of nightclubs now as they all seem to be the same... same playlist - hours of dance hits ("call on me" etc.) followed by a couple of hours of cheese (including cheesey rock classics, always climaxing with Queen's "dont stop me now") to make drunks dance... next time i'd like to go somewhere more "indie" for a change), the hall bar (known as The Welly), tons of socialising (in various situations including sports and societies i signed up to on impulse), other pubs and bars, and - one of my favourite bits - the pub crawl!
A couple of weeks ago, our "posse" (most people from my corridor) went out on a pub crawl in town one saturday night. we went to the famous imperial across the road from the campus, a branch of Wetherspoons, but it was crowded so we moved on. next was a smaller pub where we settled down and started drinking. the aim was to have 1 drink per pub. i didnt have any money on me, only a debit card, and the nearest ATM machine was quite some distance away so i decided to pay by card. the problem was that in some places you can only pay with my type of card for stuff worth £5 or over, so i bought £5 worth of drink. this place was famed for its student deals so i got tons of drinks for my fiver (2 cocktails and 4 shots... i drank it all in about 6 minutes!) - at home you'd get 2 beers or alcopops for that price and think nothing of it! (drinks are ridiculously overpriced around London!)
Having drunk my booze, it looked like id drank enough for the night. i was pissed for hours! we went on to a variety of other pubs and bars. i can remember a little place called the ship inn, down an alley near the cathedral (although i dont remember the cathedral at all - was it because of the dark... or the drink?), which would have had "charm", but the older people licking their lips at the sight of fresh young meat wandering into their regular drinking hole soon scared us off.
There was also a place that looked like it might be part of a chain, which was VERY crowded downstairs, but we went to the less-packed upstairs which seemed nice. there was belinda carlisle's "heaven is a place on earth" playing on TV there, and, in my inebriated state, i sang bon jovi's "livin' on a prayer" along to the chorus of it. i got the words totally wrong. hey, it's the same tune. just change the "ooh baby" bit to "woah-oh" and there it is!
Then there was a rather modern and swish looking place which i believe was called the Zephyr. opposite was a horribly greasy burger van, which loads of people went to afterwards (and regretted it). i think we might have been to some other places that night too, but i can't remember them.
On the way back, we all started giving each other piggybacks. a guy called scott carried me for about 2cm, then i tried to carry him but i think that - due to extreme drunkness - i must have mistakenly picked up to the leg of another person being carried next to us. anyway, whatever happened, we all ended up crashing into a heap on the pavement. after picking myself up and dusting myself off, feeling the vague sensation that i might have hurt both my knees (numbed by alcohol), ashley - the guy who lives opposite me in halls - carried me for what seemed like miles (surprisingly strong for someone so skinny... or maybe just strong compared with scott!), which was very nice. we then all went to the esso garage opposite our halls (a mecca for duryard inhabitants in need of groceries) and went back home, to hang around chatting for a bit. a strange rumour started that i had a "foot fetish" when i was sitting on the floor and tried to grab the side of someone's bed to stop myself falling over and instead grabbed scott's foot (he was on the bed)... yes, i was still under the influence and therefore VERY clumsy!
Got to bed in one piece, went to sleep, recovered, no hangover, yay!
Another drunken incident of mine was last wednesday's open mic night at The Lemmy. i got very drunk with the 2 lads who live next to me. the live music wasnt bad, and the DJ's music was good too - stuff like the killers, joy division, ash, the cure, etc. i would say more but i ought to go to bed now.

Monday, October 24, 2005

a little bit of coffee and a bloody lot of froth

17:20(ish), monday 24th october.
hello bloggers of the world, if you are there and interested in my, er, "adventures". a lot has happened in the last few weeks of my life, more than normal, probably due to the fact that i have left my boring old hometown for pastures new. (very green, rolling pastures, just like traditional images of england).
just before going to uni, i went to italy with my parents for a couple of days, to visit some friends and family. i would have loved it except that i was SOOOO incredibly tired (and ill)! italy is as beautiful as ever, and we visited a family who are all friends of ours in one of the nicest seaside towns i have ever seen - much better than the one my cousins live in, which is a bit crap (the italian equivalent of my town, perhaps?) but we always had to go to in the past - but i will not give away its location as i don't want it to be overrun by tourists and generally ruined. their dad has a cool record collection too - it includes original smiths and led zep vinyls!
one problem i found over in italia which made my exhaustion-induced depression even worse was how perfect everyone seemed - i felt far less than perfect in comparison. girls were all thin, pretty, confident and dressed in designer clothes, whether on the streets, in shops, in adverts, on TV... and i felt about as slim and stylish as a teletubby!
the pressure to be thin and perfect was, as ever, exaggerated by the berlusconi-buggered media, featuring "miss italia" on EVERY news programme (while events of more global importance were relatively ignored... tabloid media, get your priorities sorted, please!), not to mention tv adverts for fitness equipment that reminded me slightly of the "gizmo" ads on the fast show's "channel 9" (only with scantily lycra-clad hunks and babes flexing their muscles). to nick a phrase (which i believe was used to describe new labour) from adrian mole: the cappucino years, the italian mainstream media is "a little bit of coffee and a bloody lot of froth".

talking of froth, i have to confess a growing love of neighbours. excitement about everybody's favourite feelgood australian soap opera has increased recently with its 20th anniversary. literally dozens of people cram into the communal TV room to watch it every day, especially when there are particularly dramatic episodes. friday episodes often seem to be the best, presumably to tide you over the weekend and to provide enough "cliffhanger" feeling to make sure you remember to watch the next instalment on monday. until recently, my new life as a student has been relatively frothy and empty, but now it's week 4 of term (not counting freshers week) and the work is piling on - scary! yesterday i bought a laptop (with some help from my mum) to help. i've got stuff to type up, internet resources to look up, that sort of thing... there are public pcs here but it's just so much easier if you've got your own... but i can't do much at the mo as i haven't had my internet connection sorted out yet. loads of my programs won't work until i register them on the net, which really restricts what i can do! so far it's only been lectures but they're bringing in other teaching methods too: from next week we get workshops (like tutorials/seminars) and we've already got coursework to do, which will count towards the mark for the first year. last week we had a team-building day, and we've got various group projects to do with our teams. we got to work on them last week, and visited an employment tribunal for one of them (we have to write a report on what happened and give a presentation on it to the class). i would be typing up my notes on that (and probably making one of those powerpoint presentations that never work and everyone dreads!) right now but microsoft office won't work until i've registered it on the internet. that's why i'm doing the less-constructive activity of blogging instead. (damn you microsoft! if our presentation sucks i can blame it on you!) i'm just typing it up in notepad (a program that thankfully needs no internet registration) and i will post it on my blog when i get online. i have to go now, it's 17:30, meaning it's nearly time for neighbours! (it starts at 17:35, same as it always has done. it's nice how some things in life are always so constant.)

19:00 (exactly. how odd.) back again after dinner - i'm in catered halls and it's not bad, plus they give you tons of food, although you can't go back for seconds. (you don't really need to, though, as they give you so much in the first place.) some people have found a way of cheating the system: they have dinner at 5:15, go to watch neighbours, then go back at 6 to have another dinner! anyway, had 1 lecture today (at 9am... groan... have to wake up early!) and then went to watch an employment tribunal with my group. there was a panel of 3 people, with a chairwoman in charge who seemed very strict and stern during the tribunal, but turned out to be very nice, charming, helpful and friendly afterwards, and stayed to answer our questions. we got tons of notes so hopefully we've got enough to last the 5-minute presentation. there's 11 of us so we won't have to do much talking: only a few seconds each! so it shouldn't be too daunting, i hope. i really like my team, they're all very friendly, and our leader (of sorts) is a fun welsh guy with the coollest accent! (his fave band is the jam, making him even cooller in my eyes.) this group is mostly, but not totally, the same as my tutor group. i prefer my group/team to my tutor group, cos a few of the people who are in my tutor group (but not in my group) are really posh and a tad stuck-up - the type who were rejected by oxbridge and aren't happy to go anywhere lower, and who live in holland hall (the posh new halls with rooms that look like posh hotel rooms instead of traditional student rooms), except for one who is so posh that she won't live in halls of residence! i have heard one of these people saying, "oh, you live in dirty-yard!" yes, good ol' duryard IS known as dirty-yard (and we don't mind), but i didn't like the way she said it! actually i'm loving it here in duryard, i'm glad i got here actually, it's really not as bad as people say it is.
my room is massive - roughly the size of mine at home (altho it seems bigger than my home room, probably cos theres less junk all over my floor here...) - and its cleaned every fortnight, and the communal areas (bathrooms, corridors etc.) are cleaned all the time. there is a real sense of community spirit too. i often feel more welcome than at my last school, which boasted of its "community spirit". i think it was difficult to feel part of the school community unless you'd always been there, or youd been there a long time, or youd always been to private school. exeter uni is something like 70-80% state school kids and the rest private school kids, so it's more like a normal environment. my first 2 schools were state so when i started my 3rd school (which was private), some people judged me on that and i got called scum, poor, common, homeless, etc. which was just stupid as a lot of the REAL scum were richer than me - their attitude to others was what made them scum. money has nothing to do with it. some of the chavviest people i've ever met have quite a bit of money - it's a myth that they all live on council estates. in a way, you can almost understand poor people who live on council estates becoming chavs - it's the only life they know, and if they mug you it's probably cos they need the money. but i can't stand well-off kids who become chavs and annoy/beat up/mug/happy-slap other people for fun - they are the true scum!
anyway, rant over, back to duryard. some people here think i'm a bit posh, which is unusual, as people at my 3rd school called me common, poor, etc., but i think that was more due to money (my lack of, and their excess of it) than actual "class" or "poshness". maybe it's my accent, education, slight "campness" (yes, you do get camp ladies!), the school i went to, the fact we had to do posh subjects like latin there (why latin? who speaks it nowadays?), or the large amounts of tea i drink (mmm... tea) that makes people think i'm posh. i don't think of myself as posh, i think i'm quite ordinary really, but it makes a pleasant change from being looked down on. this term my parents have been covering all my fees (tuition fees and accommodation charges) but for the next two terms i'll probably have to pay them myself (out of my student loan). this will mean a serious lack of cash next year! i'll have to cut down on my little luxuries (sob)... first thing to diminish will be coffee (my beloved beans!). i'll have to stop buying fancy coffees (with froth, marshmallows, chocolate, etc.) or proper filter coffee while i'm on campus and rely on the instant coffee granules i stocked up on before leaving. caffeine connoiseurs (including me) may argue that it's just not the same thing, but it will save me money. it's very easy to spend money on little things like coffees between lectures, because they're not big things so you buy them all the time and don't notice the costs mounting up... we had a budgeting workshop during freshers week and they pointed out that you will spend a surprising amount of dosh on little things like coffee and snacks. if i need to save even more, i may have to slow down my spending on another of my favourite things: music. i already save money on CDs by borrowing them from friends or libraries and copying them onto my computer or blank CDs (i hope it's legal...) and have done for years. i tend to do it for CDs that i want but not particularly want, like if i like a few tracks but not many, or for easy-to-find/big hit CDs that the libraries are bound to stock cos they've actually heard of them. i'll just have to do this more and buy fewer. or i can buy them second-hand (thank you ebay, amazon, charity shops, etc...) and i'll try and spend less on gigs (shame really, as i wanted to use uni as an opportunity to go to as many gigs as possible - i go to hardly any at home, partly cos i was hardly ever allowed and partly because there weren't many in my hometown. actually "there weren't many" is a bit of an understatement: a good year for gigs in worthing means one rawk tribute band per year... as opposed to none.) better keep my eyes open for free gigs then.
when i was in london a couple of months ago, i went to the tin pan alley festival, which was totally free, to publicise the charity shelter, a bit like how live 8 was for raising awareness of world poverty and the G8 summit (although, if you're being cynical, live 8 was for raising awareness of rock stars in need of some publicity...). anyway, tin pan alley rocked, the only disappointment being buzzcocks guitarist steve diggle. i love the buzzcocks but his performance was nothing special and his solo songs were really disappointing. he only played one buzzcocks song, "harmony in my head", and that was at the beginning. it would have been great if he ended his set with another one, it would have ended on a high then, plus that would have got the audience singing and dancing too (does ANYONE know any of his solo songs? i doubt it. but everyone loves the buzzcocks!). he also seemed one of the more self-publicising ones (as opposed to the selfless ones who (a) actually rocked and (b) seemed like they were doing something to help charity, instead of just helping their record sales.), with adverts for his new solo album all over the stage. the subways seemed to be either (a) really self-publicising too, or (b) surrounded by an army of over-zealous fans keen to publicise them. im not exaggerating, there were literally fanzines and freebees flying everywhere!still, there were some amazing bands there - the metro riots, do me bad things, art brut... great stuff! i think i might get art brut's album, people are saying it's brilliant. i got the new idlewild album "warnings/promises" yesterday and i love it, i still can't get over the first track ("love will steal us from loneliness"... a beautiful song), ive got to listen to the whole album!

around midnight:
sorted my internet connection out! no more blog-drafting in notepad for me now, i can put it online! it's getting late and i've got to wake up at 8:30 tomorrow (first lecture at 10am - a relatively late start for me as 3 of my lectures per week are at 9am!) so i'll probably go to bed soon after this post. when i get time i'll post more.
nighty night from studentland. helen ;-)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

i went to university and all i wrote was this lousy blog ;-)

well readers, i have arrived at university and so far it's been great! zillions of times better than school. some people i know have felt homesick but i haven't been so bad, probably cos i was getting sick of home. my hometown was hardly the best place in the world so i don't really miss it. i've really settled in, i've met sooo many people, and i'm learning to love my accommodation! i love the corridor i'm in, the people are so nice, it's the top floor and there is no lift (elevator if you're american) but that's ok cos at least it deters burgulars from coming up and nicking all my stuff. we've developed a little community up there, with rituals/routines, like going to watch an episode of neighbours every weekday before going up to dinner.
so far i've had the legendary freshers' week (not to mention the fabled freshers' flu) and i'm now in my second week of term. work is slowly starting and i've got some projects to do this year that will count towards my final degree grade. so much has happened and i've got tons of stuff to say, which i'll do when i get back - i need to get changed, and then it's time for neighbours...