Thursday, October 13, 2005

i went to university and all i wrote was this lousy blog ;-)

well readers, i have arrived at university and so far it's been great! zillions of times better than school. some people i know have felt homesick but i haven't been so bad, probably cos i was getting sick of home. my hometown was hardly the best place in the world so i don't really miss it. i've really settled in, i've met sooo many people, and i'm learning to love my accommodation! i love the corridor i'm in, the people are so nice, it's the top floor and there is no lift (elevator if you're american) but that's ok cos at least it deters burgulars from coming up and nicking all my stuff. we've developed a little community up there, with rituals/routines, like going to watch an episode of neighbours every weekday before going up to dinner.
so far i've had the legendary freshers' week (not to mention the fabled freshers' flu) and i'm now in my second week of term. work is slowly starting and i've got some projects to do this year that will count towards my final degree grade. so much has happened and i've got tons of stuff to say, which i'll do when i get back - i need to get changed, and then it's time for neighbours...


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