Wednesday, October 26, 2005

it's "only" rock 'n' roll? news about neo-nazis abusing the power of music... followed by some good music and some good times!

This is disturbing - i thought this sort of thing should have died out years ago with hitler and all that lot, but it appears to still be going on... read the whole article, it's 3 pages:
ABC News: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate.
I think the right wing needs to be more worried about racist/nazi messages in music, rather than the so-called "satanic" messages that rock music supposedly contains...
The power of music can never be underestimated in my opinion. coincidentially, i'd just started a blog about songs that mean something to me. i've seen some of my mates, like raquel, feature a lot of posts in their blogs of their favourite lyrics, but i wanted to do a separate blog for that, otherwise this one would just get clogged up with them.

Now i think i'd better turn my attention to the more cheerful side of music...

My laptop seems to be working fine now, and i've started using it to get to work on my uni-work! As well as its academic function, i've also used it for a lot of other stuff, mostly downloading stuff (unis get superfast broadband!) - today i downloaded loads of comedy songs: Beatallica (beatles songs covered in the style of metallica*), black smiths (smiths songs covered in the style of black sabbath**), Amateur Transplants' famous "london underground", songs by the spazrock band that my next-door neighbour here used to play guitar for, and good old monty python songs! the day before, i downloaded lots of videos, mostly of Morrissey, including a hilarious interview with him on the Jonathan Ross show! god bless broadband.
* example song titles: hey dude, the thing that should not let it be, and justice for all my loving, sgt. hetfield's motorbreath pub band, leper madonna, i want to choke your band. they've even combined the beatles and metallica in their artwork!
** example song titles: how sweet is leaf?, shoplifters in the void, planet in a coma, this charming acrobat, fairies panic, children of the cemetry gates. you get the idea. (i think they should also cover ozzy's solo stuff too, besides his sabbath stuff, just so they could write a song titled frankly, mr. crowley.)
My laptop can also play DVDs, and i got 2 dvds in a 2-for-the-price-of-1 offer the other day - the first series of "the office" and the second series of "blackadder". i havent got round to watching them yet but no doubt i will soon.

Now i will tell you more about life at uni. the first couple of weeks may conform to the stereotype of us all being a bunch of hard-partying, lazy dossers, with hangovers and lie-ins, but once the year's work starts, it's very different. Also it depends on your subject: there's this kind of political correctness about that we have to assume that all subjects (and qualifications) are equal (not just at uni but at school too) but in reality some subjects are hard and some are easy. no offence to any drama students who may be here, but drama students are a bunch of dossers! they party so much! they have no homework! they start their lessons with meditation! (surely the people who do hard subjects are actually the ones that would need some nice, relaxing meditation the most?) i don't want to sound like im picking on drama students, im just using them as an example, the most extreme example i could thnk of. english students are also considered a bunch of dossers too, although to a slightly lesser degree than drama students.
anyway... no matter where you are, there is always one noisy drama student on every corridor! fact!!

Of course, i have partied quite a bit myself in the first couple of weeks, but it's week 4 of term (week 5 if you count freshers week) so i've had to tone it down and get to work by now. the wild partying prior to the hard studying included clubbing (altho im getting a little sick of nightclubs now as they all seem to be the same... same playlist - hours of dance hits ("call on me" etc.) followed by a couple of hours of cheese (including cheesey rock classics, always climaxing with Queen's "dont stop me now") to make drunks dance... next time i'd like to go somewhere more "indie" for a change), the hall bar (known as The Welly), tons of socialising (in various situations including sports and societies i signed up to on impulse), other pubs and bars, and - one of my favourite bits - the pub crawl!
A couple of weeks ago, our "posse" (most people from my corridor) went out on a pub crawl in town one saturday night. we went to the famous imperial across the road from the campus, a branch of Wetherspoons, but it was crowded so we moved on. next was a smaller pub where we settled down and started drinking. the aim was to have 1 drink per pub. i didnt have any money on me, only a debit card, and the nearest ATM machine was quite some distance away so i decided to pay by card. the problem was that in some places you can only pay with my type of card for stuff worth £5 or over, so i bought £5 worth of drink. this place was famed for its student deals so i got tons of drinks for my fiver (2 cocktails and 4 shots... i drank it all in about 6 minutes!) - at home you'd get 2 beers or alcopops for that price and think nothing of it! (drinks are ridiculously overpriced around London!)
Having drunk my booze, it looked like id drank enough for the night. i was pissed for hours! we went on to a variety of other pubs and bars. i can remember a little place called the ship inn, down an alley near the cathedral (although i dont remember the cathedral at all - was it because of the dark... or the drink?), which would have had "charm", but the older people licking their lips at the sight of fresh young meat wandering into their regular drinking hole soon scared us off.
There was also a place that looked like it might be part of a chain, which was VERY crowded downstairs, but we went to the less-packed upstairs which seemed nice. there was belinda carlisle's "heaven is a place on earth" playing on TV there, and, in my inebriated state, i sang bon jovi's "livin' on a prayer" along to the chorus of it. i got the words totally wrong. hey, it's the same tune. just change the "ooh baby" bit to "woah-oh" and there it is!
Then there was a rather modern and swish looking place which i believe was called the Zephyr. opposite was a horribly greasy burger van, which loads of people went to afterwards (and regretted it). i think we might have been to some other places that night too, but i can't remember them.
On the way back, we all started giving each other piggybacks. a guy called scott carried me for about 2cm, then i tried to carry him but i think that - due to extreme drunkness - i must have mistakenly picked up to the leg of another person being carried next to us. anyway, whatever happened, we all ended up crashing into a heap on the pavement. after picking myself up and dusting myself off, feeling the vague sensation that i might have hurt both my knees (numbed by alcohol), ashley - the guy who lives opposite me in halls - carried me for what seemed like miles (surprisingly strong for someone so skinny... or maybe just strong compared with scott!), which was very nice. we then all went to the esso garage opposite our halls (a mecca for duryard inhabitants in need of groceries) and went back home, to hang around chatting for a bit. a strange rumour started that i had a "foot fetish" when i was sitting on the floor and tried to grab the side of someone's bed to stop myself falling over and instead grabbed scott's foot (he was on the bed)... yes, i was still under the influence and therefore VERY clumsy!
Got to bed in one piece, went to sleep, recovered, no hangover, yay!
Another drunken incident of mine was last wednesday's open mic night at The Lemmy. i got very drunk with the 2 lads who live next to me. the live music wasnt bad, and the DJ's music was good too - stuff like the killers, joy division, ash, the cure, etc. i would say more but i ought to go to bed now.


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