Sunday, October 30, 2005

a new post. about partying. again! :-)

wow, that last post was long enough already, so i will start a new post to continue the story.

right, the open mic night, continued: 2 main rooms in the lemmy, one which was open mic all night and the other which was open mic for a bit and then disco for the rest of the night.
in the room with open mic all night, there were blokes with acoustic guitars covering "rocking in the free world" and a screen behind them. after an hour or so, they started showing dangermouse on the screen, which we all thought was cool but rather random.
in the other room, there was some soppy emo type dudes - its not that i have anything against emo but this was a rather sappy, cheesy, watery variety of it - followed by DJing (mentioned in the previous post what kind of music they played... i remember they played the killers (cant remember which song), ash's "girl from mars" (which ash - the guy opposite, not the band - said was one of his fave songs ever), joy division's "love will tear us apart", and according to ash they also played the cure's "lovecats" while i was out of the room). anyway, we all got rather drunk (ash was the drunkest i've ever seen him, he got very giggly and hyper and had trouble standing up to his full height, which is normally very tall), and ash's JD-and-coke-induced hyperactivity (normally he is extremely lazy) made him run all the way back home early (a long and hilly trek), so me and pete went round pete's mate's room in lopes hall. it is conveniently situated on campus and not far from the lemmy, but i think it's not too close for it to be too noisy, so it's a pretty good location. we listened to music and watched videos that this guy and his friends had done, including a spoof action film called the assassinator, which was absolutely brilliant! (you can download it from - aint it great to have uni broadband? apparently it's 100 times faster than most home broadband... the £65-per-year is worth it after all!)

the next notable adventure (there have been quite a few nights out, i'll only go into detail about the ones that stick out in my mind) was my birthday celebrations. on october 22nd, yours truly reached the grand old age of 19. conveniently, it was a saturday. celebrations began on friday (people on my floor clubbed together to buy me chocolate and flowers - 2 of my favourite things!), involved consumption of alcohol (naturally...) and continued all night, going well past midnight (people wishing me happy birthday as soon as the new day began). when i woke up the next day, there was a poster with "Happy birthday Helen, you're 19 today!" written in the middle and everyone's signatures and little messages all around on the wall opposite my room, so it was the first thing i saw when i opened my door in the morning. (it's now on my wall, above my bed.)
celebrations continued all weekend (any excuse for a party!) and saturday night involved duryard's traditional way of celebrating people's birthdays: drinking the welly! the wellington (welly) bar, shared by students from all the duryard halls, has a welly which your friends fill with drnks and make you drink. i managed about half of it (all the leg... couldnt manage the foot though!) which was ok going. i then played table football with michelle and co from my end of the corridor (it was her birthday the week before mine, and she experienced similar celebrations to me, only with more alcohol... she is such a legend when drunk! he he he) and pool with jim bob from the other end of the corridor (i lost twice, miserably... when sober i am great at pool!). one night - friday i think (i can't remember) - i was drunk and we were going to go to the lemmy, and i got there a minute too late to use my card to get in (valid before 10pm). i couldnt be arsed to queue to buy a ticket so i went home, stopping to visit jenni on the 2nd floor (she has livened up her room with fairy lights, in the duryard tradition) and ash on my floor (playing records and guitar until 1am, as usual). on sunday i went out shopping with mum - she got me tons of clothes (handy as i'd ripped my jeans...), an idlewild cd (warnings/promises), dvds of "blackadder" and "the office", and - best of all - this here laptop! twas nice to see her again too. she told me news about how the family is - rob's got an interview at cambridge coming up soon and had an interview at warwick yesterday! genius kid! - and they'll all be visiting me in november.

last night i went to the annual halloween party hosted by catfish indie soc. AWESOME! at the start it was fairly normal, mainstream kind of party music (we wondered if it was truly indie), then they had a couple of bands on followed by more DJ-ing, and from then on it improved.
they played the smiths' "frankly, mr. shankly" which made me commit to the dance floor from then on. i actually met other people who liked them and knew the words! (that just wouldnt happen at home. worthing is officially CRAP.) they also played other stuff i kinda liked like the ordinary boys, the strokes and blink 182, plus the aforementioned "lovecats" and the obligatory indie disco anthem: new order's "blue monday". later they also played "this charming man" - excellent! (i think i made some excited high-pitched noises at that point!) i ended up dancing with this guy who seemed quite keen on me. he was doing drama and said it was "not a proper subject". he lives in holland hall but wasnt at all snooty about it. he was a very nice person, although i dont fancy him at all (his breath stank - perhaps due to dehydration from alcohol?), but still, twas nice to meet (indie) people. near the end of the party (during pulp's classic "common people"), the rest of our corridor (who had been in the lemmy) dropped in - they were great, as ever. we all went home and crashed out in someone's room, occassionally going to pete's room to check that he was still breathing, before going to bed (i went to bed about 3am i think). the clocks went back one hour that night, which was confusing. the party went on until 1am, but really it was until 2am (does that make sense?).
(i sometimes wonder why we have to change the clocks and all that, it's just confusing! why can't we settle for a time inbetween summertime and wintertime and stick with that time all the time?)
now i have to finish my essay - it has to be in by 4pm tomorrow! i've written 428 words so far and i'm aiming for 700. i've also got a presentation to do with my team (team meeting tomorrow!)
(PS that picture of a welly i used here isnt actually the welly we use here, but it looks a little bit like ours.)


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