Wednesday, November 16, 2005

today's buzz bands of the day...

The Golden Republic: go here or here and check them out. i got their album from amazon and it's great stuff, worth getting if you can find it.
If i havent mentioned them already, dog traders is another band worth checking out. they're the latest musical incarnation of drew, the man behind the mighty toothpaste for dinner.
Both are very good indie acts; the golden republic are more on the rock and roll side, with a touch of different influences including white soul, the current keyboardy indie-disco type stuff and punk on some tracks, while dog traders are more like REM on their more uptempo/dancey days.
Johnny Panic are good stuff too - modern pop-punk/punk-rock, a bit like green day. im surprised at the lack of publicity theyve had (youd expect a magazine like Kerrang to have picked up on them by now, but they havent...) as their debut album has tracks like "burn your youth" that are awesomely anthemic, sounding like hits already.
i dont think any of these bands will be huge (hardly anybody's heard of them yet), which is a shame, cos theres bands like the Bravery which arent as consistent ("an honest mistake" is great, but the rest of the album is weak) but have had plenty of hype and are massive now. Coldplay seem to be heading for U2-style world domination too, but theyve turned into one of the planet's most boring bands - sure, their first 2 albums were worth getting, but X&Y is just boring! "Speed of sound" is just a rehash of "Clocks"! It's such an overrated album, and definiately not their best! yet millions and millions of busy mums and dads drove to the supermarket in their SUVs to buy it at extortionate prices, and then placed it in a prominent position on their coffee tables to impress visitors... certain magazines harped on about it being their best album yet... i listened to it a few times and got bored of it very quickly. too much hype.
Ballads dont have to be boring, you know! Coldplay have become just another in a list of fashionable bland bands - keane, athlete, etc. I dont find them boring because they do a lot of slow songs (morrissey's vauxhall & i is all slow songs but it is a melancholic masterpiece, which proves my point that ballads dont have to be boring. it's emotional, poetic, different... take "speedway" for example, which features the sound of a chainsaw!), it's just that their music is so inoffensive that it's dull. There is nothing like great singing, musicianship, lyrics, originality, experimentation etc. to make any of them stand out. (Actually, i heard a coldplay song in a shop the other day, and it was only chris martin's distinctive voice that marked it out as a coldplay song, otherwise it could have been anyone. hes one of the only singers in a bland-band to actually have a distinctive voice...) I try to understand the appeal, really i do. i saw athlete on tv in the glasto highlights during the summer and they seemed like really nice people, but i just couldnt stand their songs. These bands are so bland that everybody likes them (but nobody loves them, because theyre bland enough to appeal to everyone yet too bland to really appeal to anyone in particular).
Sorry if it sounds like i'm being harsh on coldplay and co., i'll stop now.
I'm still ill, although i've cut down on painkillers and cough sweets. i feel really tired a lot, and have missed some lectures cos of that. But I still have to keep alert of all thats happening cos of stuff like module options - i have to fill in a form and hand it in by tomorrow! i have to choose between advocacy and work experience, and on the advice of dad's cousin i think i'll choose work experience.


Blogger ISLAND MONKEY said...

It's true what you say about Athlete and the blandness of today's alternative rock pop!
Blame Coldplay for all that I reckon.
My tip at the moment is Dogs.
I saw them a while ago and really liked them..
Also Parisman, who have dance leanings, but don't let that put you off...

4:02 pm  
Blogger ~Shro~ said...

hey helfire, hey island monkey, thanks for the tips, i went the weekend without an f-word, but i was back to my old habits on monday..haha..o well. and o yea i also saw what you commented on my little "situation" and how it reminded you of high school, thanks for the thoughts its good to know i'm not the only one. And o yea, i hope you recover from you illness

1:44 am  

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