Saturday, December 24, 2005

*in best noddy holder voice* iiit's christmaaaaaas!

just staying at home and having a simple christmas this year. for non-british people, the stereotypical british family christmas (or at least the image of it propagated by our media) means everyone eating a big roast dinner (turkey, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc.), falling asleep during the queen's speech, watching TV a lot (usually reruns of films and only fools and horses) and playing board games (usually scrabble, sometimes monopoly or trivial pursuit).
i've just been watching the TOTP2 christmas special, it featured Mud with a ventriloquist's doll, Slade, Wizzard, The Pogues, etc. (all the usualy xmas hits) and also U2 in 1983 (pre-sunglasses years) when Bono had a mullet (it was partially dyed blonde and he was wearing a sleeveless denim jacket (none more metal?), which made him look like Jon Bon Jovi circa 1992).

i've got presents from my friends which i will open tomorrow (xmas day), but i've already had my family's presents - last week my brother, my mum and i all went up to London because my bro had an interview at Imperial College (it was successful and he got in) and while he was in his interview, it was a good excuse for me and my mum to go shopping! i got her to get me 6 CDs (Blur, Oasis, The Darkness, U2, Pink Floyd and Art Brut), and a few days later when at home we were "window shopping" when we found a discounted coat that was just perfect for me so we got it, so those are my christmas presents sorted. we also got my brother's present - a blackadder DVD boxset (which i'll probably be borrowing, he he he).
soon it will be the new year too, the time when everyone makes their new year's resolutions. mine would probably have to be learning to type better. then it will be back to uni - time to work again (groan etc). i've finished one essay (about constitutional law) which is due in when i get back, and i've got one more to do for march, plus a group project, also for march.
the last Duryard social of the term was christmas-themed fancy dress, and i couldn't be bothered to spend money on a costume so i cut out a halo and wings out of the cardboard packaging that my laptop came in. 5 boys from my corridor went as advent candles (wore white, wrapped their bedsheets around themselves, printed off numbers which they stuck to their bedsheets, and wore yellow hats with glowsticks sticking out of the top). it was supposed to take place at Arena nightclub but it was overbooked so some of us were sent to Warehouse instead - at first i was worried there wouldn't be many people i knew there, but there were loads and we had a great time, so i didn't mind. i'm not much into clubbing and i'm not a big fan of warehouse, but i do prefer it (esp. the music) to arena (although arena is better for cocktails).
this is the quay during the day - Warehouse is in one of the buildings on the left - it's a bit of a different scene at night though...

moblogging (mobile blogging) coming soon - i will be uploading photos from my mobile phone one of these days!

all this christmas cheer has cheered me up, as i'm getting more and more pissed off by the miserable Daily Mail newspaper. for non-brits, it's a very opinionated far-right-wing paper that hates absolutely everything and everybody. yesterday its front page story was about defending free speech (a couple had been questioned by police for distributing Christian anti-homosexual leaflets, and the Mail thought that they ought to be allowed to have freedome to preach this stuff), yet the editor deletes comments on his blog if they don't agree with him, plus the paper has spent all year campaigning for Muslim hate preachers to be deported (so preaching hate is ok if you're christian but not ok if you're muslim?). so, everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, as long as they agree with the Mail! hypocrites. grr. etc. For more Mail-bashing, go to the Mailwatch and Daily Mail Letters blogs.


Blogger ISLAND MONKEY said...

Nice pic! I recognise that I think. Is it Exeter?

Good CDs too!! Even let you off for The Darkness as they are such good fun!!

12:53 pm  
Blogger Hel Fire said...

yep, it's Exeter.

12:47 pm  
Blogger ~Shro~ said...

i am going to go leave a very bitchy comment on that newspaper's blog page. o ya, i also responded to your comment on my blog

5:32 pm  

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