Saturday, December 17, 2005

Top Of The Pods - daily top ten lists

this is the first time i've used the "blogthis!" button, it looks rather handy, i clicked it while visiting the Top Of The Pods blog. Top Of The Pods is an online podcast that does top ten lists of everything (music, film, TV, crisp flavours*, sweets**, other podcasts, things to spend £10 on, things to do in Peterborough...) every weekday and despite the simple premise it is actually BRILLIANT. so there. go check it out!
while i'm here, i'll just add that i got back from uni a week ago and am very busy with essays to hand in when i get back! i've started one on constitutional law and it's really difficult, but i reckon that that's the module that everyone finds hard, so even if i do badly at least i won't be the only one. i love uni but i missed home and it is good to be home again!

notes for americans:
* crisps = chips,
** sweets = candy.


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I hope you have a nice Xmas

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