Friday, January 27, 2006

Gimme! gimme! gimme!

...a man after midnight, as ABBA once sang. I don't even like them, but i'll admit to liking that song. There's been a revival in it lately because Madonna sampled it in one of her songs.
If you can't have romantic lovelies like Ville and Moz in your life, i suppose there's always these substitutes (see pix)... click here for more.
Today (so far) has been a case of "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A ticket after they've sold out."
eBay has today proved its worth as i managed to get a ticket to see Morrissey at the Manchester Apollo (cost a lot of money tho) - i'd been trying ticketmaster since 9am but they seemed to have sold out already. I think the reason i didn't get a ticket was that there were too many people on ticketmaster at the same time, so even though i was online the moment the tickets went on sale, my request didn't get through on time because the sheer number of people was slowing the site down. Most tickets for the tour went on sale at the same time, plus loads of others (Chicago, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Billy Elliot - The Musical, the Monsters of Rock festival... all big names, so thousands, if not millions, of people would be going on ticket sites at the same time). Seetickets was just inaccessible because its server was too busy. I did manage to get a ticket for the Truro show on ticketmaster though (it sold out minutes later).
I've also been selling stuff on eBay to try and balance my huge music expenditures - i spent £111 in a CD sale a week or two ago! but music is an essential thing. With a lot of the CDs i got, i'm copying them onto blank CDs, then selling the original CDs. (Although if i really really like a record, or there's some other reason for keeping it, then i don't do that.)
Talking of sold-out gigs, I got the last ticket for tonight's concert on campus - the Rakes with support from White Rose Movement and Duels. I'm not much a fan of the Rakes but I love WRM and i've heard Duels are good too. I guess loads of people are going to go to celebrate the end of their January exams - I had mine yesterday, it went a bit wrong, but at least it was only a mock!


Blogger ISLAND MONKEY said...

I couldn't get any either via Ticketmaster. Boo hoo. Saved 120 quid though as I wanted four so never mind. He will probably add other dates.

5:37 pm  
Blogger Hel Fire said...

Yeah he probably will, there has been huge demand for tickets. Unfortunately there has also been a lot of touts buying tickets and selling them on eBay at twice (or more) their original price! So when I went on eBay I tried to avoid touts and buy from people with genuine reasons for selling them. I managed to get 1 ticket for Truro from ticketmaster though, just before it sold out.

5:55 pm  
Anonymous Nate said...

Where did you get the doll from?! I need one!

11:58 am  
Blogger Hel Fire said...

Nate, i don't have the dolls, i just got the pix off the internet

1:11 pm  

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