Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rock and roll, "borrowed" traffic cones and broken glasses...

Last night I went to see The Rakes at the Lemmy with support from Switches, Duels, and White Rose Movement. It was a very good gig, especially WRM, they rock, i'm looking forward to their album (it's out in March). I met their bassist in the bar afterwards, he was cool, talking with fans and everything. The crowd went absolutely mental when the Rakes came on, it was a real mosh pit in there, god knows how many times my feet must have been trodden on in the chaos (my trainers are a lot muddier now than they were before the show).
On the way to the gig, I met 5 of the boys from my corridor coming back towards our hall, carrying traffic cones, roadsigns, etc. On the way back, I was a bit drunk and i spotted two traffic cones stacked on top of each other, by the side of the road, not doing anything (not doing their job warning us to not go somewhere etc.) so i took one (i wouldn't have borrowed it if i thought it was there for an important reason) . I left it in the corridor outside my room, and i took a couple of souvenir photos (more over here), but - surprise surprise - some other student has nicked it now. Still, it was good while it lasted, it brightened up the corridor a bit with its luminosity. Oh, and the thing on top of the cone is a rolled-up flyer (we get loads of them pushed under our doors) stuck in the top.
My glasses have been annoying me lately, they were a bit wonky and one arm was damaged, plus they were a bit old anyway, so i was thinking of getting some new ones anyway. Mum went to our local optician at home and ordered a new pair for me, they'll be ready in about a week. Today, after dinner, the frame around one of the lenses broke and the lens fell out. Just my luck: my glasses don't break during the day when the shops are open and i can get a new pair, they don't wait til Monday to break, they don't break once i've got my new glasses - no, they decide to break on a Saturday evening when all the opticians have closed. I didn't bring any spare glasses, i don't think i have any, just my prescription sunglasses (which i'm wearing now. I like them but i'm not going to go out in public in them much, people might think it's a bit strange to wear sunglasses in January). As soon as the opticians open on Monday, i'm going to go and get an emergency pair of glasses made - just stick the old lenses in a new frame and hope for the best - i'll have to pay for the frames but i don't want to get stared at for a week! Actually i might just get new glasses altogether, i might need new lenses anyway, i haven't had an eye test for quite a while.


Blogger ~Shro~ said...

Good luck with your glasses,even though you probably have new ones by now. I wear glasses too. I can't read things that are far away. It sucks when I drive...for other people...haha

1:22 am  
Blogger ISLAND MONKEY said...

That was an hilarious post...
It sounds like a night to remember..

11:45 am  

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