Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Cavern, at last!

Hooray! me and Dan and various other Duryard friends went to the Cavern's indie club night last night! We almost didn't go as i had a cold and painful feet (loads of blisters) and Dan was a bit tired, and we didn't have a lot of money so we had to get there before 9pm to get in free, but we met in the Welly, struggled up the road and made it in the end. Had a couple of mailbu + cranberry in the Welly before we left - since Colin the legendary bar manager introduced me to it (last term i think), it has become one of my "trademark" drinks. Felt ill on the way to the Cavern (alcohol + common cold + cold weather, i think) but was still determined to get there! (I felt much better when i got there, and totally OK now - my cold has gone overnight!)
Got there in time, and in the queue Ash and Vicky from my corridor were there behind us. They stuck together the whole night, they're practically a couple i reckon. Ash used to be one of my best mates but i haven't got on that well with him lately. He's very nice when he's with certain people like Lola, but Pete has a really bad influence on him - when i went to see the Rakes they said they were going to walk there with me, then they led me on a wild goose chase (took ages to find the door and get out of our hall!) before running away laughing like idiots.
Anyway, so i spent time with lots of people, at first we just hung around drinking and chatting but then the Smiths' classic "Bigmouth Strikes Again" came on so me and some of the people i came with just HAD to get on the dancefloor for it! Quite a few of our bunch are metalheads-turned-Smiths-fans (I'm listening to Iron Maiden as I type this), so our way of dancing is like a cross between usual metal dancing (headbanging, throwing horns etc.) and stereotypical indie dancing (flailing arms, shoestaring etc.), if you can imagine that. They also played White Rose Movement's excellent "Alsatian" too. Oh, and we met a guy dressed as Morrissey! :oD
After a bit, punky rock'n'roll band Louie came on and played for an hour. They really rocked - sweat, screams, leaping about, everything - great stuff! It was a bit of a mosh pit in there, and me and my mates were right at the front. Louie have 2 frontmen it seems, and both, especially one of them, were getting very close to the audience and doing high-fives with people. Afterwards it seemed everyone were chanting for more and doing high-fives with everyone. Then it was back to indie disco and a bunch of us made a circle in a corner of the dancefloor near the stage, where we danced, leaped about, pogoed and headbanged to stuff like Muse's "Plug In Baby," The Departure's "All Mapped Out," The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army," Pulp's "Common People," Razorlight's "Rip It Up" and Blur's "There Is No Other Way" :o)
After a bit our circle disintegrated, as these things always do in clubs, so me and Dan danced together for the next couple of hours. I grabbed his hands and waved them about trying to make him dance, and we ended up holding hands and dancing like that for over an hour non-stop, absolutely exhausting, but it was like one great party track after another so we wouldn't stop pogoing until we were absolutely knackered*!
Songs we danced to together included...
Ordinary Boys - "Talk Talk Talk" and "Boys Will Be Boys"
Arcade Fire - "Neighbourhood #7 (Power Out)"
The Jam - "A Town Called Malice"
The Caesars - "Jerk It Out"
The Strokes - "Last Nite"
The Undertones - "Teenage Kicks" (incidentially i heard a cover version on a shop's radio about a week ago, it wasn't as good as the original tho)
The Cure - "Lovecats"
Maximo Park - "Apply Some Pressure"
Kaiser Chiefs - "Everyday I Love You Less And Less" and "I Predict A Riot"
Bloc Party - "Helicopter"
The Clash - "London Calling"
Editors - "Munich"
Fall Out Boy - "Sugar, We're Going Down"
Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?"
Blur - "Song 2" (during which someone spilt his beer all over us)
The Futureheads - "Hounds Of Love" (until Dan's mate known as Ibby crashed into us complaining that he couldn't remember his own name)
The Killers - "Mr Brightside" (very difficult as people went crazy when this song came on and we got knocked over a lot) loads of others i can't name or remember. We also tried to take photos of ourselves, but they didnt work as it was too dark :o(
At half past midnight Ibby was really paraletic* and me and Dan and some others helped get him home. As we were waiting outside for some more help, trying to prop Ibby up against a wall so he didn't keel over (he's a tad heavy), they started playing The Smiths' "This Charming Man" inside, and me and Ibby (and probably Dan too) were so gutted we weren't in there dancing to it! :(
After heaving him home (it was difficult and Dan's back really hurts now cos of it, cos he took him all the way home while me and the others only took him some of the way) we hung around in Ibby's room for a bit to make sure he's ok. He had what he calls "a tree" in his room - it's a huge branch he found in the road once, it's practically a tree. (He also nicked a bamboo stick from a garden on the way home, hit everyone and everything with it and tried to take it home, except it broke after he whacked it against a bus shelter, so he gave up). Went to bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Although we were all disappointed that we had to leave early (Ibby really needs to learn how to take his drink - pace yourself, don't mix, etc - he's never been that drunk before in his life), overall it was an excellent night, one of the best ever.

* P.S. I am aware that my blog may be read by people from anywhere in the world, so I will clarify some English words (mostly slang) for any non-Brits reading this:
Knackered = tired, exhausted, damaged, etc. In this context it means tired/exhausted.
Paraletic/Paralytic = very drunk, to the point of falling unconscious.


Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for stoppin' by my place. Have a Great Day!

6:59 pm  
Anonymous Laura said...

thanks for your comments. It sounds like you had a great night. Why is there always someone who doesn't know their limits?

11:14 pm  
Blogger Laura said...

Need a favour and remembered it was you who helped me with my links thingie.

How do I add a little picy so it comes up next to comments and on my blog as representing me. Everytime I try it just won't do it. I thought of giving up but, then I get cross because the world and his ruddy mistress manage it!!!! Only if you've time (I know you're working really hard).

Ta Honey

5:54 pm  
Blogger Laura said...

What can I say but THANK YOU you've made me very happy. Hopefully you'll see my piccy when this comes up and yes you will be the first. Thaks Hel you're a complete star.


6:20 pm  

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