Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hail the Rickman! (and praise the Lord!)

I have fallen in with an Alan Rickman worship cult. As you know, I've been hanging with a certain bunch of mates a lot lately. Last night we watched Die Hard - i'm not much into this kinda thing, but we just took the mick out of it (and movies in general) half the time, predicting what will happen next etc., and cheering loudly whenever the legendary Mr Rickman was on screen (or talking with that distinctive voice). Emily and Harriet have a slight obsession with him. We watched the bit when he is dropped from the skyscraper over and over again - it probably sounds a bit silly, but it was so funny to watch him fall, then rewind and watch him go up again, then play normal again, then rewind again... etc... slow-motion "nooooooo"s (and cheers) all round.

Mum came over yesterday evening too, and she's staying here for the weekend. We went shopping today, huzzah! The only problem is, she said she might come along to Truro too when i go to see Morrissey there. I know she'll be fretting over me going to a gig on my own (I wouldn't be surprised if others from uni go too, but at the mo i don't know anyone who is), i've been to gigs on my own before but you know what mums are like.

Before going to see her again this evening i hung around with the Hetherington posse again (i felt a bit guilty in case my corridor might think i'm neglecting them, but i hope they don't mind, and anyway i'll make it up to them), we talked about the usual stuff like halls' rubbish food, the way Hetherington seems to crumbling right before our eyes, retro kids' TV and movies of course. Dan and I agreed that hamster sidekick Penfold from Dangermouse and former Tory leader Michael Howard look alike (I think they were featured in the "Lookalikes" section of Private Eye too). We also discussed other (more obscure) topics including Dan's "unmentionables" (underwear), what we'll do with Chris's body when he dies (possibly from sniffing Dan's socks), karma and reincarnation, Jews (i.e. Dan), Italians (i.e. me and Chris), eccentric Scottish people (i.e. Harriet), eccentric (yet tempting) Scottish customs (tossing the caber and eating haggis), tapeworms (we suspect you can get them from hall food) and ways to kill them (e.g. hot curries), and the other effects of said hot curries. We talked about a lot of other random things too, some of which are not suitable for a family blog.

We have a heck of a lot of in-jokes now. This is one of the things i like about going to uni, especially living in a hall, it's a community really and you end up with these long-running in-jokes. If you're a Law student, you also end up with this in-joke about the legendary Lord Denning, which students of other subjects just don't get. I like using his quotes during law workshops. Praise the Lord (ha ha).
If you do Science, you might like the NearingZero and ToothpasteForDinner comics, which often have science humour.

Tomorrow i'll see Mum again before she goes, but hopefully i'll also get some time to do some work - i have to finish my criminal law essay (it's one of those "problem questions" - you know, like a story, and you have to consider the criminal liability of all the characters) and start my contract law essay (about what area of contract law i'd like to reform and why). Tricky stuff. I also feel a bit of a sore throat coming on - i hope i haven't caught "the lurgy", what we call the latest bug going round uni (it's like a flu that makes you really tired and gives you a sore throat).

It's weird, Dan isn't conventionally handsome (he was once called "cosmetically challenged" by a PC person), but i feel rather attracted to him (no, it's not a side-effect of the lurgy i seem to have caught from him, or a side-effect of hall food either). Nobody knows yet (tho they might suspect... that's what people always do). People would probably find it a bit strange. It's just i hardly ever fancy people for looks alone, i tend to go for the whole person, if you know what i mean - looks and brains and personality and sense of humour and everything. Not like when you're 12 or whatever. Is it a sign that i'm maturing? I like being an adult in some ways (independence, being able to drink, etc.), but i'm also nervous of it and like being young (so i have an excuse for immature humour, having fun, drinking, not having tons of responsibility, etc.). I think i'll stop worrying about my age for a while and just enjoy it for the moment (it certainly won't last forever) and go to bed now (it's nearly tomorrow).

P.S. My neighbour Pete fancies me, and he isn't attractive (physically or in any other way) in the slightest, no matter how mature and open-minded i may be. He treats me like shite, like when I went to see The Rakes he was going too and pretended he was going to walk there with me (it was dark out there so it's reassuring to not walk there alone), and then he suddenly ran off, laughing and thinking it was really funny to leave me alone in the dark in the middle of nowhere. I got there in the end, luckily, and had a great time regardless, but he was acting weird and avoiding me the whole time. He lives next door to me but we can go for ages without even saying a word to each other cos he goes through these weird phases when he avoids me or won't talk to me. Also, he's arrogant and keeps on telling everyone that he's superior because he's doing Computer Studies, which is getting really annoying. And then he wonders why i don't fancy him back. Well, duh. Give me Dan over uber-arrogant Pete any day!


Blogger Laura said...

There are always Pete's out there to be avoided. He's stuck with the mind of a 12 year old and will probably take a good 10 years to grow out of (and no I'm not joking I know about this stuff) AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS. especially if there's alcohol around 12 year old brains and alcohol DO NOT MIX.

10:24 am  
Blogger Laura said...

by the way The Alan Rickman thing will never pass. When he was in the 1st Harry Potter a friend and I left feeling really weird that we both fancied Snape!!!!!! It's a slippery sloop.

10:26 am  

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