Monday, April 24, 2006

Back and forth

Came back to uni on Sunday - we went to Exeter on Saturday and stayed at a hotel overnight (Dad's the only one who can drive and it's a long drive so he didn't want to drive there and back on the same day, it would be too tiring) but i didn't move back in my room as i didn't think they'd give me my keys until Sunday (official moving-back-in day). It turned out afterwards that i hadn't been the only one there on Saturday, Dan was there too and he managed to get his keys and stay in his room overnight (they charged him a tenner for it tho). He was the only one there, so if i'd know then i would have moved in too and kept him company. He seems to have forgiven me for the water incident last term (thank fuck!), although he did ask me at dinner on Sunday why i did it (I'm not sure why i did it either... damn you alcohol!!) and he said that he'd prepared to get angry at me and shout and swear, but then he didn't. That's what i like about Dan, he doesn't get aggressive. He watches a lot of violent movies, which kind of disproves all that "violent movies make you violent" stuff that you hear about (and which has not been consistently proven). Last night we watched Battle Royale, all huddled onto Dan's bed, drinking port out of Simpsons shotglasses (we didn't have any wine glasses). In this film there are massive social problems so schoolkids riot, so adults decide to solve it by sending random kids to a deserted island where they have to fight to the death, and they'll carry on doing this until kids stop rioting. Despite all the blood etc., it was a very good film, although there was one bit near the end that was really odd: a teacher is shot and is lying on the floor dying, then his mobile phone rings so he gets up to answer it, then he dies. What was weird about it was the way he suddenly got up off the floor like normal. Did he suddenly forget to act or something?
We also saw the much-hyped new episode of The Simpsons which was written by and featured the voice of Ricky Gervais. It was good but after all the build-up we really expected it to be even funnier. There was also a re-run of the episode where they visit England (our side of the pond), which i'd never actually watched before. We watched a bit in the Welly but i couldn't hear much of it as it was noisy in there that night. I don't have Sky One at home, so I have to wait another 3 years for that episode to reach Channel 4. I have the feeling that every English person in that episode speaks either in a posh and reserved manner or like a cheery Cockney shoeshine. I wonder what the Americans would make of the Geordie accent? I know a lot of southerners find it hard enough to understand. I can understand (and speak) it OK (usually), and i quite like it. Work experience must be like buses, i looked ages for one placement and ended up with 3 at once, one of which was in Newcastle, land of the Geordies! I loved it.
Talking of travelling back and forth, Mum got a DVD of the Blackadder special Millenium episode "Back and Forth" during the Easter break! woohoo! and while on the subject of TV shows about time travel, the new series of Doctor Who has started and it's as great as ever! I also got a DVD of the first series of Look Around You, which spoofed the old science videos for schools - ahh, brings back memories...
Will blog more some other time - i'm going to bed soon, i have to get up early tomorrow, I have to give a presentation about my work experience at 9am tomorrow morning, and it's assessed! eek!


Blogger The Good Girl said...

I would wish you luck for your presentation, but at this point you've already done it So, instead, I hope it went well, and I will send good vibes back through the mists of time and space for you, (if that's any help).
Thanks for the comment btw, I like all your blogs, and your life seems a good deal more interesting than mine!

The Good Girl

5:41 pm  
Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, as you know I'm off on a walk but when I return I shall be back here often.

1:27 pm  
Blogger ~Shro~ said...

hey, thanks for commenting, i was checking out your links and i came accross the badger song- haha- wow totally struck me as hilarious...

4:35 pm  

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