Monday, May 29, 2006

Brief rant

Exam week is now OVER! Well, Law Exam Week, that is. For some reason, us law students have our exams earlier than most other subjects.
Anyway, I'm now free for 3 weeks, and then i have 2 weeks of lectures (introductory lectures for next year). Law is a bit of a "work hard, play hard" subject. I had 4 exams, 3 were OK, 1 was not, but the one that went badly was for Introduction to Law and only made up 60% of that module - the other 40% of that module is coursework which i think i did better in. Overall, i think i've passed all my modules. In some subjects, you just have to get 40% overall to pass, so you can get 100% in 2 modules and 0% in the other 2 modules and you'll pass cos you got 50% overall. In Law, you have to get 40% in each module, which I think is harder than getting 40% overall. Plus, it's a subject with a high workload - although we only have about 10 hours of workshops and lectures per week, we have to do about 30-40 hours work per week, so we do a lot of studying in our own time, which people never see. So BOLLOCKS to the stereotype that "all students are lazy!"
Although adults may think that students have it easy and do nothing but party, they never see the downside of it, for example if your exams are earlier than everyone else's, you have to put up with exam-free people partying loudly all night while you're trying to revise or get a good night's sleep before an exam. I'm sick of adults saying stuff to me like, "Wait 'til you get in the real world, then you'll see how hard life is," just because they think i have it easy just cos i'm a student. I could just as easily argue that adults have it easy: they don't live in draughty old halls of residence, they don't have to put up with rowdy drunk neighbours, they don't have exams all the time, they don't have drunk people shouting in the corridor when they're trying to revise or sleep the night before an exam, they don't have to struggle to live on a student loan, and most of all they don't have to put up with people telling them that they "have it so easy" and "need to get in the real world"!
Plus, in the near future, the financial situation for students is going to get worse. Universities are replacing old standard halls with new en-suite ones due to popular demand. While on the face of it, it may look like we're going to be living in the lap of luxury from now on, it actually costs a lot more. In a lot of places, living in en-suite halls means that your entire loan goes to pay for your rent. On top of that, top-up fees are coming in. I've been trying to apply for financial support for next year, and it's really confusing because the system is completely different and i don't know what support (e.g. a grant or a loan) i'm entitled to receive. I'd get a job to earn some money, except that it is hard to find a temporary job as employers like people who can stay for a longer time, and also it's harder for young people with little job experience to find work. It's not that we're lazy and don't want to work: sometimes we just can't find work. I don't have much money in my savings and my parents can't spare any money, so what am i going to live on next year?

Rant over. Normal service shall resume again shortly.


Blogger The Good Girl said...

Meh. I still have a whole other week of exams to go. And I have to pay all this extra money through all my student years, so I would quit complaining if I were you.
Well done on your exams, you probably did better than you thought you did in the bad one.

8:20 pm  
Blogger SwissToni said...

I'm afraid I was one of those students who had about 4 hours of formal class a week, and whose exams started in the afternoon of day one, and finished at lunchtime on day two.... (history).... so you do have my utmost sympathy (I very, very nearly did law too)

Still. They're over now and you can sit back and enjoy those 3 weeks of freedom whilst we poor workers sit in our offices.

I'm sure you'll have done fine, by the way.


9:05 pm  

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