Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lazy days

Good weather has been coming and going lately, and on the few sunny days we've had, the entire area has been carpeted in sunbathers. Two evenings last week, me and some Duryard posse went for a stroll around the Duryard area and ended up playing ball games and frisbee in the grounds of the nearby Thomas Hall (Duryard's grounds were full of athletic people, it was crowded and we felt inferior), and had a surprisingly awesome time (well, apart from Dan probably, as he got hit in the crotch with the ball a couple of times... hey, at least i didn't throw it, so you can't blame me!). Then we crashed out in Dan's room, watching movies (Battle Royale, 28 Days Later* and Family Guy) and drinking port that Tom had got for Christmas... far less effort, but also enjoyable.
All of our bunch probably need to get in shape. I've been to the gym a few times this term, branching out onto different machines, and I think my limbs are doing OK but my tummy isn't doing so well (stuff like running/cycling machines don't really work on that area, unfortunately). For the last couple of months i've been doing loads of sit-ups, but sort of gave up as it sometimes hurt my back, so the other day I bought one of those ab-belts that gives your stomach muscles little electric shocks which are supposed to simulate the nerve impulses that you get during exercise - they say that this should give the same results as sit-ups (Yes, you can call me lazy if you want, although actually i'm just too busy). The only problem is, after buying it, i've realised that electrocuting yourself for half an hour every day all in the name of vanity probably ain't the brightest (or healthiest) idea ever. I can't wait til next year when I'm in self-catered halls (the pricey and posh Rowe House - in a 6-person flat with Harriet and 4 strangers) as I'll be able to cook for myself so hopefully i can choose a healthier diet. I'm thinking of going vegan, cos I once read that, provided you get it right and make sure it includes all the nutrients you need, it's the healthiest diet you can have. Plus, I would be able to wear my Meat Is Murder T-shirt completely without irony! The only problem is getting back next year - I have to pass all my exams otherwise I'm kicked out! For some subjects, you just need to get 40%+ overall, so it doesn't matter if you fail one exam as long as you did well enough in all the others. For other subjects, you need to get 40%+ in each exam - if you fail one, you're out. Guess which of those groups of subjects Law comes under. Just my luck.

*There were some hilarious moments during 28 Days Later (incidentially not a comedy but a horror movie... we make our own comedy): Me, Chris and Tom had been drinking and were only slightly drunk while Dan was at a party, getting really drunk (and possibly stoned too). The rest of us were in his room using his telly to watch the DVD we'd borrowed off someone else, and Chris had shut the door because of some people in the corridor getting into the roof via a ceiling trapdoor (this term there has been a bunch that go up there about once or twice a week, we have no idea what they're doing up there, so Chris shut the door just in case they came out stoned or something and staggered into Dan's room). Dan burst into the room, crashing through the door and onto the floor noisily, crawling around the floor, covered in scratches (from jumping into a hedge outside... don't ask why, it's just one of those things you do when drunk!), right behind Chris, scaring the living daylights out of him! I think that actually scared Chris far more than the film did. Then Dan sat on the floor with his coat on his head, devouring cereals straight out of the packet (no milk... he had the munchies and couldn't be bothered to find or buy any milk), and sometimes falling asleep. It sounds silly but he looked funny. In one bit when Dan was actually awake, Christopher Eccleston was in the film, so we both cheered, "Hooray! it's Doctor Who!", but then it turned out that he was playing a baddie instead.
The next day, I met Dan at lunch, tired and still with scratches on his face and arms but luckily (and probably miraculously) not hungover, we chatted for a bit and afterwards I almost smacked myself on the forehead (d'oh!) as I realised that he may have been hinting in that conversation that he more than just likes me a bit. I dunno, I'm shite at reading "signals" sometimes. I hope he does, cos I more than like him just a bit, I like him a heck of a lot actually. I know that people and problem pages and whatever always say that you have to be honest and let your feelings show and all that, but it's not that easy in real life, especially when (a) you're shy, (b) the guy you like is shy too, and (c) you're scared of losing him as a friend if you confess that you fancy him - what if it changes your current relationship with him?
On the plus side, we went to CinSoc again yesterday, and saw a film called The Matador. There were some good bits, but Pierce Brosnan's accent bugged us and we talked about it the whole way home - it sounded like he was trying to do some sort of British accent, but which? At times I thought he sounded Brummie, Cockney, an American approximation of a generally English accent (you know the type of English accent in American movies/TV that is normally used by a character called Nigel... I think it might be called the Limey accent), and Dan thought he even sounded South African at one point. I came to the conclusion that PB spent most of the film trying to sound like a taxi driver (I half expected him to call people "guv'nor" or something). We all concluded that he can't really do accents.


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