Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A fun evening in with an inflatable...

No, it's NOT what you think it is! Last week, Charlie got out her inflatable punchbag and we all tried to blow it up, resulting in a lot of double entendres (mostly about making it "hard" and "upright," as well as jokes about "blow jobs"). Most of it has to be inflated with air, but the base has to be filled with water, and soon after we'd done that, Charlie dropped it and it burst, soaking the carpet (so we made a lot of double-entendre jokes about that too). I wonder if the people in the flat below us overheard, and what they thought was going on?
Talking of playthings that could be interpreted to be adult: apparently Tesco is selling pole dancing kits, and the "Daily Wail" has wheeled out some bloke to whinge that this will lead small children into depravity. It seems that he is the one having "corrupted" thoughts, not the children. I imagine that if I was a little girl and I saw one of those poles, i would probably think it was one of those poles that firefighters go down. "Phallic symbol"? More like something you'd find at an adventure playground. All this moral outrage about sex coming from a newspaper that features, for example, photos of Prince Harry's girlfriend in a bikini on the front page.
And talking of bikinis, a couple of nights ago me, Charlie and Pete donned some beachwear, flowers, loud shirts and grass skirts and went to a Hawaii-themed club night. Only one other person bothered to dress up, and he just had a Hawaiian shirt on, the rest of his outfit was just normal - he hadn't bothered as much as we had. I think the torrential rain that night put a lot of people off. There were so few people there, it seemed that staff outnumbered customers for most of the night. They gave us free T-shirts for being the only ones that bothered to make an effort! I think i could have had the chance to pull, but i got way too drunk and made a complete tit of myself, which probably put everyone off. Alcoholic drinks were much, much cheaper than non-alcoholic drinks there, plus we just sat around drinking for ages as the dancefloor was empty and the other two didn't want to get stared at for dancing in the middle of an empty dancefloor (I didn't care, as the way i saw it was, there was hardly anybody there to stare at us!).
Funny thing i noticed that night: Pete blatantly didn't know where to look. Faced by the sight of two of his female flatmates almost topless and showing a lot of leg, he seemed to develop a habit of talking above our heads, to prove that he really, really wasn't looking at our bodies. What a gentleman. :0)
I've got a lot of work to do now and had better get back to it. Just before i go, i'll explain a few English terms to any foreigners who may be reading this:
Flat = apartment.
Flatmate = a person you live in a flat with.
Daily Wail = a nickname for the Daily Mail newspaper.

Bloke = man.
To pull = to attract or kiss another person.


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Sounds like you know how to have fun regardless if you pull or not which is great and keep playing with the phallic objects..of to Tescos for me to bag me one of those!

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