Sunday, May 21, 2006

Exams: The more you ignore them, the closer they get...

...and I'm wasting my time.
Exam week starts tomorrow, and i've really struggled to revise. Despite cutting out distractions like alcohol, parties, clubs, the gym, gigs, etc. I still struggle to revise. There is SO much to learn in Law! Contract is OK cos i can take notes into the exam, but Criminal Law has zillions of cases and you're not allowed to take any notes on them into the exam (how the hell can you learn them all by heart? will the huge amount of stuff to learn shove all previously-learned stuff out of your brain?) and Constitutional & Administrative Law is really difficult too and you can't bring notes into that either (there's fewer cases, but they always seem to have ridiculously long names, like R v Social Services Secretary Ex parte Association of Metropolitan Authorities, whereas Criminal cases have nice short names like R v Smith).
Also, despite avoiding alcohol for the last couple of weeks, I seem to be becoming less healthy, not more. I started smoking again (and i really regret it now... going to quit AGAIN) and i have been drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages too. I really hope that my body can recover in time for the exams...
In other news, yes, everyone is talking about last night's Eurovision Song Contest. Guess who won? You can watch the promo video for the winning song here, and their Eurovision performance here. Loveable nonsense. ROCK!!
Hey, it's good fun. I can support another country's Eurovision entry if i want to, can't I? (The UK's was a bit cheesy, unfortunately). On a serious note, I've heard people (normally in America or the far-right) going on about patriotism and how we should unconditionally love our countries, be proud and support absolutely everything they do... Well I think we shouldn't! If we really are democratic countries that fought for freedom, then we should be free to love - or criticise - our own countries if we want to. Everything from our Eurovision songs to our part in war should be open to free debate, instead of opinions being forced on us by the "you're unpatriotic if you disagree" argument. The way people say that it is "unpatriotic" to disagree with their beliefs about their country reminds me a bit of the blind faith people have in religion. Are they trying to make patriotism a new religion or summat?
Now with the World Cup approaching, cars everywhere have little England flags on them, such as the one in this picture (ironically that car is German!). How is that going to make us win? Sure, going to a match and showing your support for your favourite team may give them confidence and help them win, but driving around with flags on your car, somewhere miles away from wherever-it-is that they're going to be playing in where the team can't see them, just seems a little pointless, really. Although it has inspired this comedy gem... (click it to enlarge if the writing appears too small)

While still on the topic of the World Cup, i would like to say that I am not entirely impressed with this year's official song (it's by Embrace... can't remember the name of the song though... it just sounds like any other Embrace song) and would like to propose this (the football badger song) as a possible alternative. (The sight and sound of terraces and pubs full of people singing it would be interesting at least...)


Blogger bot37363838 said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. I do like your colourful text. Unfortunately, I only get the basic blogger editor in my primitive Safari browser.

On the subject of flags-for-England, you may enjoy this post I did last month.

6:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the DVLA thing. I'll be keeping a safe distance from such drivers in the coming weeks.

12:15 am  
Blogger Alecya G said...

Isnt it amazing how easy it is to start smoking under stress? And how wonderful it is? I do hope you are able to quit again, if thats what you want to do...

You know, a long time ago in the US there were laws that said women had to have red flags on their cars if they were driving, which were updates of teh laws [from when we first had cars] that men actually had to walk in front of women driving, waving people down to warn them. Still, where I live, people are terrible drivers, the flag idea sounds terrible at first, but really, if a Bozo is driving near me, I'd like to know.

Maybe we can get a special flag for convicted drunk drivers as well...

Its all a bit Scarlet Letter though, isnt it?

4:03 pm  
Blogger ~Shro~ said...

good luck with your exams, I'm finishing mine today. They're bitches, prolly nothing like yours, but still. But for those case names, wow, what a mouth full. And as for the whole patriotism deal, your right, it's rediculous. I live in a very far right community in America, and it bugs the shit out of me how conservative they are. Especially when it comes to criticizing the government and the president. Either way, I hope you do well on exams and resume to your health.

4:15 pm  

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